Friday, March 13, 2009

A little bit of Pretty

As usual, I've spent some time wandering Etsy and the internet generally. I find as I grow more obviously pregnant looking I'm in search of some easy things to make me (or my life in general) feel prettier. A friend, and possibly my cousin Eric, told me that earrings are a quick pretty pregnancy fix and I find I quite agree. Oddly, getting all dressed up for the OU gig further pushed me in that direction as did various people thinking I was pretty lately on the days I actually had on full make-up....hmmm maybe a lesson in there somewhere. In the meantime, here are some of my finds for you to enjoy and make your life a little more pretty too!

Eros Earrings - just bought these and some pretty pink earrings I don't see available now. Am excited for them to arrive. Is a little birthday present to myself. Simple, but pretty.

Morning Dew Earrings -- OK, I like lots of simple things from this shop, but am still just pondering these.

Blue Butterfly Note Cards
- love the look of so many cards in this shop! (particularly these). Almost enough to work through my thank you note back log-- I promise they really are going out one of these days.

Dainty Hearts on a Chain - Other personalizeable simple necklaces too. I see these sorts of stores more and more, but still love them.

Haley Bag - Not sure the link goes there directly, but I like the Haley Bag option probably in one of the browns. Nice to imagine a bag all mine that got used more in the face of diaper bags for years to come.

Twilight Earrings - Brent got me a pair of earrings from this shop for my birthday and I love them, but don't seem to see them availalbe now. I wear them with whatever and think they are fun and work even in my casual world these days. Love these too which he meant to get, but they are currently sold out.

Gold Rush Lip Gloss - Am looking for new lip color after discovering at my recent OU and GW appearances that I look much better with it. (Yes, Grandma Dotter, I know, I know). Perhaps some color for my paleness? In any case, I'm bad at picking it out but am trying this fun look from Mary Kay. If you need a consultant, I'm sure my cousin Jessie can help you out.

Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings - (found via find I'm liking dangly earrings more and more.

I'm looking for some pretty spring ideas for my house decor. I've recently bought the makings of a spring wreath that is under construction and I'll share soon. Otherwise, the inside looks much as usual and I'd love to bring some spring in. Thanks to Heather for the beautiful pink Azalea which is reminding me of spring in DC and has been flowering ever since my birthday. Any non live plant ideas as two is about all I can manage for now? Let me know if you've found any fun pretties I should be aware of too!

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