Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orangette in OKC

By now, many of you know that I follow a lot of blogs via my Google Reader. They fall into one of a couple categoreis generally - Scrapbooking/Crafting, Mommy Blogs, Cooking/Recipe Blogs and recent Decorating (I attribute this to my nesting instincts just now). Some I follow closely others rarely get read. I find more generally via links in the blogs I already read. That is how I found Molly Wizenberg's blog - Orangette. She grew up in Oklahoma City, but now live in Seattle. Many of the other blogs I read linked me there. I like several things about her site. First, she writes really well. That makes a big difference in getting my attention when there are thousands of food blogs out there.

Secondly, her blog isn't so much just about food as it is about that place where food and life intersect. The recipes of course look great, but the stories and her personal take on them make the difference. They encourage me to get up and try them rather than ponder them till later. Just this week, while reading the April issue of Bon Apetit where she is a contributor, I decided then and there to make Gougeres. (They were OK, but think I overstirred so not as airy as I'd hoped, but tasty). Third, she doesn't post random things five times a day like some, but rather more judiciously only when she finds something worth sharing. I don't mind many postings, but do want them to be quality and interesting, not just volume.

I think the Oklahoma connection drew me in as well as I started reading when I was still in DC. This was highlighted in her recent Bon Apetit article on Aunt Bill's Candy which my grandparents also love to talk about and have shared their recipe with me clipped from the Oklahoma newspaper. Therefore, I was delighted to discover this week that she is coming to OKC for a booksigning on Tuesday for her new book A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table. I've read great things about it in many places including here. So, for the very first time I'm going to a booksigning. It is taking place at 2pm on Saturday, March 14 at Full Circle Books. If you are in or around OKC and would like to come too let me know and we can make an outing of it. Regardless, I wanted to share this interesting blog with you and hope you all find something new and fun to try this weekend.

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