Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Thursday: Bath Time Time!

As I've mentioned Brent and I have developed baskets of things we usually handle with B. Somehow, and much more so since I've been working from home, bath time is daddy time. I am usually there, watching, but not always. Watching them together is pretty funny. It is amazing how much B has evolved from the crying baby when my mom and I gave him his first bath to the adorable splash happy boy of today.

For some reason that I think started with Brent, we've been calling bath time "Bath time time" forever even though it doesn't make much sense, but it is our little fun. B plays with toys in the bath to varying degrees, but is usually most enamored with a cup or bottle to pour things. Recently, we've been having bubbles more and he loves them. He puts them on this body, blows, them, splashes Daddy, pours them all around, and is generally still covered when he steps out of the bath.

He is taking an increasing interest in his Rubber Duck Bath Book that Emily got him and practices saying the words after us. He also now "swims" in the tub either on his tummy or back kicking his legs and relaxing in the water.

I love watching this special Daddy/Boy time. They both seem so happy and have such fun with simple little things. B always runs around naked afterward and comes to tell me about their adventures if I haven't participated. So adorable. I love it!

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Jamie said...

funny story - so when Brent and B had bath time over here a few weeks back, Brent told me about B running around naked for a bit afterwards. Well, I thought it would be okay to do the same with John; just until I could walk out to the nursery, find pjs and get him on the changing table (2 minutes right?)- um - he peed on my ottoman and floor last night. LOVE IT! Thanks Brent! :)


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