Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

For those of you new to pregnancy fun there is a lovely side effect I call "pregnancy brain." Some of my lucky friends say they've had no problems with this (Jessie for instance), but I've been less lucky. In my case, it means that I am a bit more forgetful than normal which leads to occasional humorous outcomes. I thought some might be worth sharing for posterity and a few laughs. It does make me a bit more careful about my work though as my memory is extremely key to my day job.

1) When pregnant with B I accidentally put the milk "away" by putting it in the tupperware cabinet where luckily Brent found it not long thereafter.

2) Recently, when clearing off the place mats to wash them. I apparently dumped them in the trash rather than in the laundry hamper around the corner. Brent was rather perplexed. I did this again with a dish towel a day or two later.

3) I randomly misplace things like my keys, bag, B's sippy cup, etc. Or more likely forget to bring them with us when we walk out the door. This often means two or three trips back into the house whenever we're trying to leave. B is very tolerate of this, I think Brent may be less so.

4) I've forgotten to add ingredients to several recipes or only remembered at the last moment. On Friday, I was pondering why I was only stirring the batter for cornbread a little if there was no leavener and then it occurred to me that there SHOULD be leavener, luckily there was still time to fix it.

(Ironically, this is a post I keep meaning to write and then forgetting...Here I got to item four and know there are tons more and discovered I can't remember any more incidences. I'll share some humorous ones as they happen as I'm sure they will.)


Chrissie said...

My best (or most dramatic) pregnancy brain moment was when I was cooking dinner and set fire to my hot pads. Just set them down right next to the burner and walked off. Fortunately it was a very slow burn and only damaged the hot pads. Unfortunately, I can't blame this entirely on Serenity as I'm known to be occasionally... ahem...dinghy ;)

abbeyviolet said...

You dingy? I have managed to burn myself several times, but then again I do this when not pregnant. The most interesting though is the burn on my stomach from a cookie sheet in almost exactly the same place I burnt myself with B (this happened in January). So I rather literally feel your pain.


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