Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love Thursday: Dr. Appointments

Since we've arrived in OK and I've switched to part-time, I am officially queen of the Doctor appointments. I did most of them before, as Brent's commute was horrible, but I don't think Brent has even met our new pediatrician yet, which is becoming weird as I see him almost weekly this month. As you've probably gathered, within about 5 weeks this spring the three (or four) of us will have about nine appointments give or take. Over time, I've gone from dreading these to them being Brendan and I's little adventures. He won't come on all of them, but most of them are for him. He knows about going to the Doctor and is generally excited and ready to go when I tell him it is time.

With each new office we get to explore, check out the fish, particularly Nemo. (For those unaware, there are very often fish in Pediatric offices). We read the brochures try out the doors, play with water fountains, watch a little tv and eventually make our way to the exam rooms where there are more toys to discover. At his pediatrician's office we're on a first name basis with the nurse who will usually save our "favorite" room for us if she knows we're coming. His favorite room is the one with the basketball and hoop. He also knows just where the crayons are in that room. He is OK with the fish room as they are fun to a point, but was not impressed with the clown room that a substitute nurse had us in last week. The eye doctor had great toys too and was a good change of pace after many weeks at the other office.

I think him being comfortable with the whole situation makes it easier for both of us now as does having a great rapport with his Doctor. I have no idea why exactly, but B really seems to like him which is good for all of us. It almost makes up for the fact that if you have an appointment after say 9:30am you are almost destined to wait a very long while. Last week though, we had an afternoon appointment and were out in record time so perhaps this is improving too.

Next week will be his first dental adventure with the pediatric dentist so I'm sure I'll have lots to report. In the meantime, getting to have these moment with him is a surprisingly sweet part of our time now. I would, however, trade them for a well boy. He seems to be feeling much better and we had a really good day on Wednesday. I think we're both settled back into our routine. He is, most of the time, such a sweet wonderful boy and we feel so blessed! The little sweet moments are my Love this Thursday.

PS. new cute phrase -- I'm a messy boy --- generally said when he needs to be washed up after eating (learned it from Daddy). Whispered softly when mama was on the phone with her boss. He's awesome.


Summer said...

That is awesome that he is so good about the doctor. I hope the dentist goes just as well for you guys.

DebB said...

Glad he is feeling better. Love you guys.


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