Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Dentist Visit

Today was B's first dentist appointment. I should start by saying that I have a rather negative feelings about dentists and don't like going myself, though of course I do. I generally always feel like I'm getting into trouble, which is of course my fault, not theirs and part of my general guilt tendencies. This main slightly taint my experience with him so my apologies in advance.

B's dentist is Dr. Doan. I liked the practice generally. The office was bright, colorful, comfortable and pretty. The front desk staff were friendly and the toys were fun while we waited. B's name was up on the wall with the new April patients which was a nice touch. The dental assistant (not sure what to call her) was less friendly and I didn't think she did a great job helping to familiarize or keep him calm. Luckily, B was in his shy, but mostly cooperative mode today. We, sadly, went into the high risk for cavities group as he does get sweets (defined as crackers, juice or cookies) once or sometimes twice a day yet we do not always brush twice a day nor does he floss. In good news, we have OKC water which is fluorinated while Edmond water is apparently not. He does have nicely spaced teeth which makes flossing somewhat less mandatory just now so we can ease into it and will need to introduce fluorinated toothpaste as well.

The assistant took our history, did a fluoride foam treatment which was mostly like brushing with foamy stuff, flossed his teeth and then left to get the Dentist. The Dentist I liked significantly more. She was very friendly, seemingly genuine and quite approachable. She took the situation in and was realistic about the issues, but didn't seem judgemental.

As you likely guessed thumb sucking is an issue. That said she is OK with it until he is five or so as the problems caused can be readily corrected. (Most kids stop naturally by then). Unfortunately, due to a mix of genetics and thumb sucking it is likey he, like his father before him, will need a palate expander of some sort. She said at 7 or 8, but Brent had his much later so we will see how that progresses. (A little traumatizing to hear about orthodontists in one's first visit even though at some level we have always assumed it was in our future.... guess I'll start another sub-savings account).

Generally, they will increase the procedures as he grows to include more traditional cleanings and x-rays, but for now are just educating and acclimating. He LOVED the bag of goodies he got at the end that included a toothbrush, his first fluorinated toothpaste, many varieities of floss, stickers, a timer, brushing chart, and more! He wanted to take it everywhere with us which was pretty cute, but did not like the taste of the new toothpaste. We're all set for our next appointment in October and to start afresh with our tooth cleaning routine. Overall, I'm really glad he handled it so well and seemed to enjoy the pretty office setting and art so was at ease with the Dentist generally. Hopefully he is on a path to a happy relationship with Dentists and healthy teeth.

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