Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Thursday: Mama Gets Played / I can't sleep

As you know my little guy has an amazing and well-deserved reputation for being an awesome sleeper. Yesterday, I think a bit of being two crept into the mix. At naptime, we had a little trouble going down (Ok screaming crying), in part I think because we woke up rather late, but a couple books with Mama and he was ready to go.

The evening was another story. Brent has "dorm duty" on Wednesday which mean he comes home a little early and heads back to work around 7:30 returning around 10:30. Usually, we just move up B's night time schedule so he is bathed and in bed when Brent leaves. Brent and I were both feeling sick and lazy yesterday so that didn't quite get done. I was fine with it and said I'd just handle it and to go on to work (time got away from us and we suddenly realized he needed to leave in 10 minutes).

Bathtime went fine and so did getting into jammies. We said good night to all the trains, got his blanket and cup and headed to bed. He started to cry and whimper a little, and I was wary after naptime. First, his diaper was too tight so we fixed that. Then, I started to leave and he said (or I understood him to say) that his pants were hurting his feet. So I took them off, but then his feet hurt. There were red bumps there which is kind of normal with B as this is where his eczema often shows itself. So, I got some medicine, put it on and talked about how it would take a couple minutes to work.

Then, his toes were hurting. (Are you begining to see a pattern??) So, I clipped the big toe nails which were kind of long and looked like they might get ingrown. Then, I tried to put a different pair of PJ pants (or any other pants) on but he wasn't having it. At this point, I decided that was all that I could do so I had him help me turn off the light, laid him down (sans PJ Pants), explained about using the sheet if he got cold and left.

I think I made it about 4 minutes before the wailing "Mama" got to me. I went in and he rushed to the door PJ pants in hand (obviously). So we started to put the pants on, but he exclaims that he has to go potty. I acquiese because we are trying to work on this and he does in fact to potty. Back to his room we go PJ pants on. Meanwhile, we've discussed what he's scared of (who knows, sounded like cereal or ceiling maybe). He has been looking a little worried. I lay him down and offer to stay for a few minutes. I sit there, say a little prayer over him. He wiggles and isn't sleeping, but finally I go and he is mostly quiet.

This whole saga has taken maybe 45 minutes. In the midst of this series of complaints it all seemed logical, but when stepping out of the room it became clear we'd had our first bought of one more story, one more glass of water, one more not going to sleep stalling tactic. Wow, snuck up on me.

About 9:30 or so I go in to check on him. My eyes haven't adjusted to the dark so when I reach to pat him I'm surprised to discovere he is awake with his head resting in his hands just sitting there. (I continue to wonder how much time he spends quietly sitting in the dark in his room). We talk a little. I wipe his nose and promise to come back latter to make sure he gets to sleep. Just nuts! Around 10:20 or so Brent gets home and checks and of course he's sleeping blissfully.

Totally frustrating and weird, but love the little guy even as he tests his boundaries as it demonstrates how much he is learning and growing. Today, naptime has started almost perfectly so probably not a complete shift in behavior, but a fascinating development that I suspect we've both learned something from---- lets just hope I catch on faster next time!

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