Friday, April 3, 2009

KidzStreet Drop-in Care Review

As you can tell we have lots of appointments lately at our house. Starting this week there were some I didn't want to bring B too and yet other alternatives for people to watch him didn't really make sense. I had heard of KidzStreet earlier in the year through an Edmond SAHM/WAHM group. Several in the group had good things to say about it and the facility was moving closer to our house which was a nice bonus.

The concept is that you pay an initial fee and then are can use this drop in care pretty much whenever. They have pretty expansive hours and fees comparable to a babysitter. For kids two years and under they ask that you call ahead to make sure they have space in ratio. You can get discounts by pre-paying specified amounts as well. The facililty is state licensed, and properly inspected. They cap weekly attendance at 20 hours as that is the maximum they are licensed for as they are specifically drop-in care.

This week I was getting my hair cut/highlighted by our awesome cousin Janna. (That is a whole other blog post, but she is a completely wonderful and I'll gladly share her contact information if anyone is looking for a great stylist). This seemed a good time to try out the service as I'd be nearby and could get back quickly if need be. When we arrived. I took a brief tour and filled out the required forms.

The facility was nice, clean and had lots of play alternatives. I think B particularly liked that there were lots of slides and people his size. There weren't that many kids overall so everyone was getting plenty of attention. Parents can bring snacks (non-peanut of course) as well as drinks and other items or they can purchase snacks there. If the kids are there more than four hours there is a snack and drink included.

When B and I walked in to the play area he was greeted by both kids and caregivers. I had explained what was going to happen before we got there. Miraculously, when it was time to go I just told him I was going to get a haircut from Cousin Janna and I'd be back. He just said OK and headed off to play. This is such an incredible change from just months ago. Blows my mind.

I returned about two hours later. He informed me, as is becoming his usual greeting, that he "had fun with kids." He also told me that he liked the pig movie, complete with pig sounds (he apparently caught the end of Charlotte's Web). The check out process was quick and easy and I like the cubbie system which lets parents and kids reach their belongings from both sides. Brendan apparently approves as he was all for coming back again later when asked.

It is always hard to know whether a place is a good fit or not on one visit, but it seemed to work really well for us. We'll try it again on Monday when I go for my Dentist appointment as he surely doesn't need to share that. As an added bonus, they are open evenings too so it might be a good way to sneak in some dates here and there:)

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Jamie said...

What a great option for you guys. Glad you found it.



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