Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love Thursday: Simple Things

Tuesday was all chaos and fun and excitement. Wednesday, was calm and somehow perfectly wonderful too. We spent the first part of the morning with the Wainrights. Chrissie and I fixed up our craft project including a fun trip to Michaels with Serenity while B and Eric played ball with the new T-ball set from Brian. We chatted, listed to tunes, and played with the maracas and then it was time for them to head home. We were sad to see them go. B and I lingered outside after smiling and waving just enjoying the day. After playing in my car awhile we decided a little drive was in order.

Of course, I had no shoes on so the only choice was Sonic! (Another thing to love about being home). When we got home. I opened the garage door and sat down to watch B play in the front yard. Much to my happy surprise a short while later he plopped down next to me and we just sat awhile, sipping our drinks, waving at cars and enjoying some gorgeous weather. We shared, talked and just sat. Amazing, but having him plop himself down there was just the sweetest little gesture to me.

Late in the afternoon, Brent came home and we played outside, took pictures, and talked about the day and impending summer. The temperature reading climbed to 90+ degrees and somehow, even though it was April, I was sure it was the first day of summer. We had our simple super and then to celebrate had first of summer ice cream at Maggie Moos. Because we're nuts we got our little guy this astonishingly blue ice cream that was cotton candy flavored and tasted pretty much like straight sugar. (Special treat! I promise not routine).

Brent went back to work (and came back shortly as the kids were at an event) while B and I had splashy bubble bath time and headed to night night. Other than an unusually lovely morning with friends it was a pretty normal day, but some how seemed so sweet, and wonderful. As much as I love the fast pace, juggling a million things and running in all directions the simple sweetness of the first day of summer sipping sonic drinks on my driveway is pretty incredible too. Those little things we might otherwise overlook in all the busy that is our life are my love this thursday.

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DebB said...

Beautiful; I could see it all clearly. I am so glad that you recognize and savor those sweet moments of peace with B., especially now, before his little sister arrives.


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