Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A full, fabulous group playtime!

We had a fabulous couple of days playing with old treasured OU friends! We started with a cookout at the Palfreyman residence on Monday. Where many of our local crew got to meet Miss Samanta Vo for the first time! We had a great time watching kids play and catching up with the Vos. We also got to welcome the Wainrights back to Oklahoma! Yippee!! I can't tell you how excited I am that they have moved back to Tulsa. This is going to be so wonderful for all of us (particularly my crafty side). Our group headed back north around eightish to get B to sleep. Chrissie rode with B and me so we could start catching up and our guys followed along with Serenity. So fun!

It was neat to wake up Tuesday to guests and more fun! Nothing like a happy baby in the morning, particularly when it is one you didn't have to get up with in the night:) However, before they were even up, B and I had fun together making muffins, playing and catching a little Lighting McQueen. Then we shifted to playing as more and more friends rolled in. Ultimately, we had 10 adults and 5 kids!

It was phenomenal! I loved chatting with the ladies (big and small) and was so impressed at what awesome playmates, dads, friends, and helpers our men-folk have become. "Uncle" Gavin was the train track guru, Eric ran the outdoor adventures and Brian moved back and forth while playing "santa" with a fun present for each kid and family. Brent and Scott arrived later, and just enriched the mix!

Other highlights:
- Crafting with Chrissie (even if it didn't work the first time).
- Watching Linh, Chrissie and Jessie with their daughters
- Laughing as all the doorknobs got covered in banana and other little boy goo as Nate and B went in and out
- The constant rotation of naps when there are 5 kids. Out of the long day, maybe only a couple hours here or there where everyone was up. Luckily we have lots of nap places, spaces and options.
- My photoshoot will all three little girls on my lap
- The boys on the tricycles and having a picnic outside on the patio
- The little girls exploring each other and the world (lots of petting, hair touching, crawling, toddling, cruising, etc)
- A house full of happy people
- Lots of food, lots of help, lots of friends
- Snacktime is all the time with 5 little ones and sharing goodies is key
- The fact thtat in this phase parties start early (between 8 and 9people started arriving and the Wainrights were already here) and ending early (most had to leave by 8 and the latest for little people bedtime).
- Being pleasantly exhausted at the end of the day
- Real conversations with real people that you feel comfortable with even if you haven't "seen" them in awhile, you've known them for a decade.
- My kid playing with those of my friends and learning about baby girls
- cooking, preping and rehashing with my husband
- Brent and Eric playing Wii
- Brian not using the handle on his infant carrier because it "isn't secure enough" or something close to that -- such a sweet daddy moment.
- Loving that we can do this more now that more and more of us are coming back.

I love hostessing, love having a house full of people, kids, laughter and even the little tears. Thank you all for a wonderful day. That was truly a vacation day well spent and I so hope we can do it again soon. My house is open anytime!

(My pictures are available here amidst our April 2009 album - just scroll down past all the park pictures of B. You can find Chrissie's here, she has some amazing shots and my camera was sadly in Brent's car much of the day--- but my cell phones were too, which probably was good!)

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