Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making it Home (Part II)

Making our house a home is an ongoing project and we're rather prone to fits and starts. Lately we've been busy with all sorts of little things that have been languishing on our list for months. Here is a recap of recent developments and a pre-view of our to do list to help keep us moving.

- Adding fireplace doors
- Uncle Zach installed two ceiling fans in the kids' rooms
- Brent installed two more shelves in the office
- Erik painted our bedroom green
- Installed new matching bathroom hardware in both bathrooms
- Added a little bit of decoration in the bathrooms (pictures, plants, etc)
- New pots of plants on the back porch
- Moved the Willow tree to the backyard
- Fixed Fence issues
- Maintenance lawn mower (almost fixed, one more small issue, I hear)
- Picked out paint color for the baby's room that Erik will paint in coming weeks (Hyacinth Tint by Sherwin Williams) and tree design Mom, Chrissie and I will paint in coming months.

To Do:
- Reorganize some furniture (move it between rooms and get rid of a piece or two)
- Paint baby's room and finish up artwork
- Get bookcase or shelves for baby's' room
- Find a table for B's room when the changing table has moved
- Find a new Front door (need more security, better seal, and better aesthetics)
- New dishwasher (probably not soon, but on the list as drives me nuts)
- Drapes for baby's room and our bedroom
- Ceiling fan for office?
- New light kit for living room ceiling fan
- Work on gardens
- Get side table for back porch for drinks or plates as we watch little guy run around
- Maybe buy one or two more things for B to play with in the back yard

Wow, just about the time I think we've gotten a lot done it seems our to-do list is still pretty substantial. Luckily for most of it there isn't a rush, but I'd feel better to have more of the baby room stuff done. Many have promised to help though and we have a pretty clear idea of the plan so hopefully it will continue to move along well.

1 comment:

Tracie said...

Hey Abbey,

If you need any help with Baby Girl Richards' room, just let me know!! I'd love to help :)


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