Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pregnancy Journaling - 27 Weeks

It seems like time for some pregnancy journaling:

Describe any pregnancy symptoms: Currently, I'm starting to feel the third trimester. I find I'm getting much more tired. I just don't quite have the stamina I used to. It is odd and frustrating, but I'm sure I'll adjust. The other thing I'd forgotten about this phase is the difficulty of turning over in the night. How could I have forgotten? It is such a struggle and apparently I turn over a lot, but we're adapting.

Favorite food this month: I think we're back to Peanut Butter. I love it, but am trying to be moderate about it.

Have you had any dreams or daydreams about the baby? Or strange dreams in general? Yes, lots of weird dreams. Most of them are just more vivid than my normal dreams or slightly weird. Last night I had one of my only nightmares. I don't really remember what was going on, but woke up pretty freaked out. That said, also woke up laughing hysterically at one point so apparently there is a mix. (I vaguely think the laughter was something about a Writ of Mandamus so clearly I'm a nerd while sleeping too). I've had some trouble sleeping soundly and am trying to read a little before bed rather than going straight from work/internet world to trying to sleep as my mind is spinning too much. Currently reading Nora Roberts' Key Triology thanks to Jessie for sharing them.

Memorable events this month: One of the funnier things this week is one night Brent was having a difficult time sleeping and had me turn over as the baby was kicking him so much it wasn't helping. Of course, I'd slept through the kicking. I'm a bit worried as this baby really seems to be nocturnal. She is very busy at night and not so much during the day. Brent in his wakeful night says she seemed to be up most of the time. We'll have to work on that later.

Nesting? I am definitely feeling like nesting and have been for awhile as you can probably tell from my other posts. I hope to do a post soon on the nursery plans/progress specifically, possibly next week.

Exercise goals - I'm still mostly getting my 2-3 days a week in the gym. I think there was maybe one week I only went once. Sometimes it makes me more tired, and sometimes it seems to help with the energy. I had a glorious, long slow swim last week in my new pregnancy tankini (which is weird, yes as I pretty much never have two pieces, but this is not revealing) but then was completely exhausted thereafter so we'll see. Generally, I think the stretching and such helps.

Planning for baby's arrival - We've started talking more about things like a hospital tour, birth plans, scenarios for getting me to the hospital and having someone watch B, leave issues, etc... We've not made much progress and I laugh thinking about all the classes we'd had by now this time, but we're experienced now, right?

Coming up: Nursery work, three (!) showers, last pre-baby trip to DC, OSSM Prom, Lion King Musical, Dr. Apt next week.


Jamie said...

The pregnancy journaling is such a good idea - I love reading these stories.

Summer said...

I too love reading these. I am totally with you on the dreams. I forgot how vivid and sometimes disturbing they can be during pregnancy. I've woken up crying a couple times, and also hysterically laughing too. I think Scott wants to kick me out!

I'm very impressed with your ability to keep up your workout routine - way to go! I joined a gym in hopes that would make me go more, but hasn't quite worked out that way.

Also, can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

DebB said...

Did I ever tell you that I dreamed you, while I was pregnant with you? It turned out to be a very acurate likeness, surprisingly. That was when Danny told me that all our kids would probably be dark headed. Ha! So much for genetic tendencies. Love you, blondie.


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