Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pregnancy Moments

There are sweet little things I want to remember from pregnancy - this week it was falling asleep with Brent's hand curled around my little bump holding both baby and me simultaneously. I just feel so warm, comfortable and protected in that moment of quiet.

I also love B's possessive declarations of "my baby sister" and him putting stickers on my shirt over my tummy for "baby sister." We now habitually refer to the briefly former guest room/playroom as the baby's room and he knows just what we're talking about even though nothing has really changed in there yet.

Brent, I think, felt the baby move for the first or one of the first times on our little outing a few weeks ago. I don't think he has felt it many times thus far, but I love the development of that connection. One night his hand was on my tummy and while he couldn't feel the baby moving, I could feel her rubbing up against his hand. So adorable, Daddy's girl already.

Feel like I'm eating like a crazy person, which is not so good, but Audra assures me I'm growing a person and only just now weigh a little over what I did when I got pregnant with B so that's a positive. Didn't do as well with the gym this week as I was sick and had lots of meetings, but that's OK still got there a little.

Beginning to feel more real as there are discussions of showers, decorating, clothes and a few pink presents wandering in to our house. A little stressed about getting the room ready in time, but in a good way.

Still pondering the concept of Kids --- plural, weird and so weighted, but very excited. Do sometimes worry about the shift in our group dynamic as some days the three of us are just so perfect snuggled together, but Brent reminds me life is change and this little one will just add to our happy togetherness.

Worries - Still worry about those initial post-partum days as didn't go so well mentally for me last time. Hope it will be better this go round and have to trust it will all work out.

So excited to be pondering purples, flowers, pink and trees, but think having a boy first is keeping me from over the top girlishness impulses just a smidgen.

Thanks for all your happy wishes. We're all doing great and so excited about this journey.

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