Monday, April 6, 2009

Book Fun: Easter!

I love Easter, but found looking through our collection that we don't have many Easter books. Below are some of my favorites. The first two are positively wonderfully written Easter stories and the later two aren't really Easter-related per se, but are about Eggs and a Bunny and quite popular here these days. I don't have any that are particularly geared to the underlying religious reason for the season, so to speak, but haven't seen any that worked well for one so little. Any suggestions? Have a Happy Easter Week!

The Egg Tree - A great story about kids creating an egg tree after finding old decorated blown eggs in the attic. Their tree creates a big stir. I particularly like the part where they feed the easter bunny petals for some reason. Also, love the idea of a kid named Appolonia, but no it isn't on our name list.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes (Sandpiper Books) - Good tale of the wisdom of mothers and that drive that allows mothers to do amazing things. I can remember as a kid dreaming of the warehouse full of eggs that is described in this book.

Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (World of Nature Series) - Fun book about all the creatures that lay eggs (are Oviparous). Brendan loves pointing out the animals and discussing the various eggs. Last year we discovered this is a whole series of books. So far we've also tried Animals Born Alive and Well (Picture Books) which was equally amusing if less tied to the fun of Spring.

Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book) - This book is EXTREMELY popular in some families so we gave it a try. Only this last week as B become interested in it and now is looking through it often and "reading" parts back to us.

We had Easter with the Rouse/Richards clan this weekend and I'll post about that complete with pictures in coming days. It was so much fun!

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