Saturday, May 2, 2009

Book Club/Arts Festival

Last night was the first meeting of my first Book Club. My Mom has been in a book club in Enid for 10 years so I am hoping ours is as enjoyable. Our first book was Middlesex: A Novel (Oprah's Book Club) I think it is fair to say most everyone liked it more than I did.

I thought it was a slow read that had a lot of extraneous material. Others, apparently found it more interesting. It does cover a wide range of topics including gender identity, family relationships, Greek history/myth/culture, genetics, sex, and more. We talked about the book ate fun food, discussed other books, life and generally enjoyed each others company. It was a great way to hold a girls' night. Our next meeting is May 22 and we're going with lighter literature this time. I'm excited to see how it goes as the concept holds great promise and I like the ladies involved.

Today, we went to the Edmond Arts Festival. It seems we're the only ones that didn't get the memo about a pending down pour. The good news is it was cool, quiet and uncrowded. B loved playing with the various statutes along the main street in Edmond with Brent as I had my leisurely stroll through the various vendors. We made it through most of the booths before the rain started and I found a Peanut Shell sling at Cinnamon Bears for the new little one while we waited out the storm. I know I'm well known for buying most things online, but sometimes it is so nice to get to feel, explore and have a salesperson help you learn about the product.

I'd been wanting a sling/pouch for the early phase with the new baby for awhile, had done some research, and even seen this very sling online, but working with it (plus a nice discount) sealed the deal. We also have the BabyBjorn and Ergo Carrier that we liked as B grew, but had been looking for something softer while still being hands free for when baby girl is small to help facilitate chasing our small boy. Had you told me pre-baby how much I'd like carriers like this I'd have laughed I'm sure, but we've found them invaluable.

After the rain and hail passed we headed home for a relaxed Saturday. This evening Brent and I are going to OSSM Prom so I'm sure they'll be stories to tell tomorrow!

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