Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lessons from Prom

First, despite much clamoring, it looks like there may be no pictures from prom. There was no one to take them as we left and we couldn't find the tripod (suspect B has hidden it) so probably won't see any. (For those not familiar with our height difference it is quite difficult to take a picture of us without one even sitting down). There were some party pics taken and some by Brent's most Enthusiastic student which I'll pass along to those interested if we see them.

Meanwhile, we did learn several valuable lessons:

1) We're old - First clue -- Brent frequently saying -- "This music is just way too loud." Generally followed by him not recognizing any of the dance music and thinking the "slow" songs were too loud, too fast, and rather infrequent.

2) We don't miss high school at all - High school was not "the best time of our life" for either of us and not really something we want to go back to. I think we knew this, but was just a reminder.

3) I should really try on clothes I plan to wear before the last minute at this stage in the pregnancy. My dress was a bit more snug than I'd like ideally. It was "ok" but probably should have thought about that a bit more.

4) Parking in OKC is not always automatic. In DC, we always left loads of time to park. Here, we assume there is abundant parking everywhere which is just not the case. We found some but had to pay (quel horreur!)

5) The tallest building in Oklahoma (which I think we were in - at least until Devon builds theirs) is still not that tall and not as cool when enshrouded in clouds.

6) Teenage girls move in droves - I'd forgotten how extreme this was until I ventured into the bathroom to find about 25 people in there just hanging out exclaiming about the food, the boys, the nerdiness of their table, the dresses, the hair, etc... Just way too many people, way too much excitement and a bit to much silliness for me.... (See 1- we're old).

We were definitely without a niche at the event. We were too young to be with the students parents/faculty and too old for the students themselves. We sat with a couple parents and the Dorm supervisor. We did learn a fair bit about dorm operations, but was hard to converse (See 1- too loud/we're old). I was not the only pregnant person there, just the youngest pregnant person there as the mother of one of the 17 year old students was pregnant. I cannot fathom that gap between children, but who knows I suppose.

The food was fine. I wished I had steak like Brent, but we were worried about getting it as you couldn't control how well it was cooked. The Petroleum Club was quite nice, but maybe a little dated. The students were well, high school students. I think overall less dorky than I'd imagined as they generally cleaned up pretty well. There were some bad choices, as usual, but generally did pretty well and most less awkward than I was at that age/stage. We, being old people, left around 10 and decided we probably never needed to go back.

I let down my masses of curls and we crawled into bed for a delightfully long sleep as Brent's parents kept B over night (Thanks so much!) Overall, it was nice to have an evening together and gossiping/social observation with Brent was pretty hysterical. That sense of camaraderie in this somewhat ridiculous situation with the occasional "Oh Dr. Richards!" thrown in for humor was pretty good and we didn't dwell on kid stuff all night. That said, maybe next time we want to dress up we'll just go grab a steak in Bricktown and let the young'uns have their fun.


Jamie said...

Laughing out loud! Great story!

Tracie said...

LOL!! Oh Dear, Please say it ain't so!!! You can't be old!! If you're old then I'm old!!! I'm so sad about the no pics :( Loved the story! Thanks for Sharing.

P.S. -- You can now proceed to get back in your chair. I know you fell out of it when you saw that I commented. What is that? Twice in as many weeks? :)


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