Friday, May 29, 2009

Hunky Help / Potty Training

Tomorrow is Mary's shower at my house so I'm mostly cleaning/prepping today when not doing my other jobs. As you can see I have quite the hunky helper to get me through my to do list today. I'm so looking forward to crafting/prepping with the girls and then the main event!

Meanwhile, we're working on Potty training. I had this lovely explanatory post about our theories and progress all written up then the browser crashed. Darn it! In short, we find that underwear work better than pull-ups as he is more aware of when he goes. We also aren't yet brave enough to try naps or night time without diapers. We've been at it for about a week on the diapers/naked when at home and things are really improving and so, thankfully, is his rash which was the impetus for me to start pushing it this week. We'll see how it goes from here, but feeling like at least progress is being made. B LOVES his Cars and Thomas undies that Grandma B. brought so that is definitely helping. Was actually sad to put on his diaper for naptime today and asked for underwear.... Soon my boy, soon....

Have a great weekend!

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