Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Beautiful Things

Thought it was time to share some more of my online finds so you can share some pretty things with me on my girly fun Saturday:

Teatime Wall Stickers - these are so incredibly cute! They are wall stickers, but instead of being vinyl, they are fabric! Better still, they are reusable and beautiful. Not sure I have a place to incorporate them just now, but am pondering....The store has other fun ones like toadstools, but these are my favorite. Side Note - I am hosting a tea party today so that could be part of the allure, but think I will love them beyond today.

ShabbyStraps - I bought the black 'n white damask version as the strap that came with our camera was defective. This feels much nicer on my neck and is so pretty. I've gotten lots of compliments:) That said, there are lots of strap and strap cover vendors on Etsy. I've also considered this shop as it has minky fabric!

Lemon Quartz Drop Necklace
- Don't really have an occasion just now, but simple and pretty.

Felt Letters (and more)
- We're probably not quite ready for these, but they are vibrant, happy and fun!

Snow Blossom Earrings - Simple and beautiful - something I could see myself wearing daily. There are several other treats in this store as well, including this blossom necklace. (Yes, I'm on a flower kick, but there are non-flower things too, I promise:))

Hope you have a beautiful day!

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