Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Moment

Today is the day that the baby I miscarried would have been due. I've thought of it off and on during the week and today in particular. I find myself still sad and a bit wistful, but also torn. Because if I had that baby I couldn't have this one growing with me now, right? I know it is for the best and God works in mysterious ways, but there are still those little moments where I wonder about the one we're missing, today in particular. I'm told by my miscarriage buddies that to some degree I always will think of this little one and I think that's fine. The pain isn't so fresh now and there is such promise for the new life that joins us this summer. I think it is fine to have the little moments so long as I stay happy and focused on the big ones to come.

1 comment:

DebB said...

I know that feeling; I remember thinking that if we had had the baby we lost in October, we wouldn't have had Audra. I would hate to have missed her.


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