Friday, May 22, 2009

B's Food Choices

First off - Happy Birthday Little Sister - WE LOVE YOU!

Ah the vagaries of being two. First, I should note that as promised B's little boy belly has largely disappeared. He has trimmed down and grown a bit as everyone predicted. I suspect that some of the trimming down is his newly bizarre eating habits. I'm somewhat reluctant to share them as it is not good nutrition and vaguely feel I should be pushing it more, but here goes.

First, he only really has a couple big meals a week. Yes, you read that right. Many days he has very little. Thursday was particularly odd. He had, over the course of the day, three hot dog buns (sans hot dogs or any condiment), some dried cranberries and peanuts, a mini-bagel, milk, juice and half a croissant. Kinda weird, right? Another day, he may have lots of apple sauce and not much else or live primarily on cereal. Then he will have his big meal day and say eat a huge pancake, a big helping of pasta bake, carrots, cookie, fruit, etc... all in one setting. The next day he may be fixated on peanut butter sandwiches only. We consistently give him all the food groups and generally try to make sure he is given a normal meal, but pretty often he will just sit at dinner commenting and not eating while we have ours. I sort of thought it was a snacking problem, but he isn't really snacking in the afternoons either.

Who knows? He seems fine and in the course of several days probably does get a proper mix of things with of course more carbs than anything. He seems perplexed that I'm not interested in a plain hot dog bun, but I'm confused when he is uninterested in cookies or cherries so there is that. All we know is to keep having him try things and make the variety of foods available. Surely, when he is hungry he'll eat, but in the meantime it is a fascinating food selection situation.

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DebB said...

I think toddlers know what they need to eat and, as you probably know, pushing food on them does no good. You're doing great. Some days I just want pasta too...and some days I want a steak and a baked potato.


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