Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pregnancy Journaling: 30 Weeks

As of Wednesday, I was 30 weeks along. I had my Doctor's appointment and everything appears to be going well. I wouldn't say our preparations are in high gear, but we are doing some little things. In a moment of perhaps silliness, I bought a new carseat cover (Buttercup Bliss by Bumble Collection as part of their annual outlet sale). I randomly just couldn't face using the existing one after moving it across country and sitting in the attic and basements in our various houses. I'm sure I could have washed it and it would have been fine, but I wanted it to be pretty, and the new one is, as well as being super soft, clean, and wonderful. I'm also doing some more practical things like buying a package of newborn diapers the other day when I saw them onsale and had a coupon. I sent a poll to my mommy friends about some of the other things I'm thinking of buying too, but will wait awhile to make my choices I think. We probably need to get some shelves to hang as well as I don't think there is really room for a bookcase or more furniture...hmmm...

On the non-retail side of things, I had my first shower in DC which was terribly sweet. Here in Oklahoma we're having both a friends shower and a family shower in June. I got the invite for the family one and it is just gorgeous with cherry blossoms. My mom is coming this weekend to help trace the tree on the wall before her surgery the following week. I think I "may" have all the stuff for the other wall art project, but honestly this is the third time I've thought that and my simple project isn't going so well. Chrissie is coming the next weekend for Mary's shower and promises to help wrap it up. Chrissie, Jennie, Tracie and my Mom have all volunteered for this tree project so hopefully that will go better and more quickly with lots of hands.

Physically, I am bigger and growing increasingly hotter. Today was the first warmer day in awhile and the office where I do my work in the afternoon is just so hot. We're going to have to put a ceilng fan in here too, I think. I am also more tired. After my trip last week I took big naps on Saturday and Sunday which is odd for me. I also think I fell asleep briefly Friday evening. It is always brief when B is up as he so loves waking me up in surprising ways (whether I'm actually asleep or just resting). This often involves coming right up to me and screaming. He thinks it is hysterical and I should learn not to react as much so it isn't so much fun. Meanwhile, am becoming a Tums addict all over again as the baby takes up more and more of my abdomen.

No progress on name picks and really we haven't discussed it much. We feel pretty comfortable with the few we have and I suspect we won't pick until July and perhaps not til the baby arrives again. Our goal for June is a hospital tour and maybe a bit more of a notification plan for when the baby comes. We did have a vague discussion about a birth plan, but it hasn't changed much since last time, just a few lessons learned. I remain a bit concerned about the logistics of transportation and watching B. Don't really want to drive in labor particularly. I know I can drop him off with the Hoppers for awhile most logically until his grandparents (one set or the other) can come get him, but still stress about it a bit. Brent says there is plenty of time from when labor begins. Last time we clearly had plenty of time (enough for my my to fly across the country and much more as I was induced the very slow way). I've heard the story of my brother's hasty arrival a bit too many times to be as relaxed as he is. So we have various ideas and we'll see what comes.

It continues to be weird and wonderful that there haven't been any problems this pregnancy. We had so many last time it is odd to just coast along, but very nice too. Hopefully that continues throught his last 25% of the preganancy as well. Trying to sit back and enjoy and not focus on the less fun parts, but admit I don't always succeed. I am lucky to have this baby and this healthy pregnancy and we are both getting more and more excited to meet our daughter.

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