Sunday, June 7, 2009

Handy Man

I'm back! Work (mostly for Drexel) had completely taken over my life for the last week. B and I also spent most of it at the week at the farm, which was awesome, while Brent took some of his students to Philly. I promise lots of updates on our doings of the last two weeks and many fun pictures to come. While I work on those, here is what we're up to today to tide you over:)

My husband has a reputation for being a bit of a nerdy gamer (among other wonderful things), and not so much a fix-it type guy. It is generally well-deserved for both of us as we're more of the buy things new or have people install them/ fix them for us type people. At nearly a year into our new home, I think we're growing up a bit and perhaps gaining confidence. Here is a picture of today's project - Brent installing a new faucet in our kitchen by himself:) The sprayer on the old one was leaking everywhere and this one looks, and hopefully functions, much better. The project was a great success in only a couple hours including ripping out the old one. Very exciting and he was adorable doing it. I think his ability to read directions and be insanely patient will definitely help with projects like these.

Other home improvement purchases today - Hose keeping devices for both front and back, new light fixture for back porch, and supplies fun new flower pot project I hope to work on soon to show you all. Yes- I'm definitely still nesting. There will be several updates on my other craft projects this week as with help from Chrissie, my Mom, Erik and Eric we've made HUGE progress on the nursery room crafts that I hope you'll love as much as we do.

(This is the faucet we ended up with Delta 468-SSSD Cicero Series - a bit of an impulse on today's Home Depot trip, but so far we're really liking it).

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