Monday, June 15, 2009

Pregnancy Journaling - 33 Weeks

I find my self 33+ weeks along now. The tiredness has returned. I'm much sleepier than I was just weeks ago. There are additional little aches and pains coming too. For instance, more frequently when I stand my back will twinge. Sleeping isn't going so well either. I feel lucky to sleep a three hour stretch. I remember thinking last time that all this waking up is preparing us for waking up with the baby, but it is really much different. Now, I'm up and back in bed asleep in minutes. When our little one comes..... yeah.

Meanwhile, she is much busier or maybe just stronger. Pretty frequently people can see my stomach moving now. I haven't managed to have B feel her moving yet, but they did "play cars" on Sunday. This basically involves him driving cars on my tummy and a time or two the cars got kicked which was fun. Brent is getting kicked alot in the night as well as she remains most active in the evenings/night. She is not as high up in my ribs as I remember with B, but is nonetheless creating quite an addiction to Tums in my daily life.

Speaking of tummies - I have been out of my gym routine for about three weeks for a variety of good and not so good reasons. Apparently that is having the predicted impact as my weight gain was much more this time around. Going to have to go back to exercising more and thinking more carefully about my food choices. I had/have really started just eating whatever tasted good -- -which runs toward chips, cookies, etc... Keep trying to remember that I have to lose all that I gain so some restraint now would be helpful later. Food favorites include steak and randomly two trips to Long John Silvers of all things last week. Was incredibly good; may mean I'm crazy.

It is starting to get hot, as predicted. It isn't quite unbearable yet so I'm trying to spend time out at the park and elsewhere with B while I it is still possible. I do lack stamina for long periods of park time. Have I mentioned I'm no good at accepting limitations? It is so true. It is probably what has gotten me the success I've had in other areas, but is not a very helpful trait in pregnancy when I need to accept more gracefully that there are things I can't or shouldn't do. I did give up a trip for work late this month in a fit of sanity, but cried over that and knowing I can't travel which is one of my great loves. It is all for the greater good and I know is the right decision, but that doesn't make it easy. Luckily much of my far flung extended family is coming to visint in the next few weeks, mostly centered around the Dotter 4th of July celebrations so that will bring some travel, as well as family, to us.

Brent came to my Dr. Apt. this week and we talked over questions about the birth generally. Looks like my Dr. doesn't schedule inductions until at least one week past due so we could have an August baby. My father maintains, however, that the baby will be earlier than that based on his years of experience as a cattle breader. (Don't like to think of myself as comparable to a cow, but would take a little bit early). We are going on a hospital tour this week as we had some difficulty locating the right entrance for the Women's pavilion at OU when driving around the medical complex last week. I think about her alot and am so excited for her arrival, yet randomly dreamed this week we were having a boy. If so, he's having a very flowery room:) That reminds me that I owe you a nursery decor update so I'll work on that next.

Generally, I'm very excited to be getting close. We have showers for the next two weekends. The first is with family and the next my girlfriends. I'm quite sure both are going to be lovely and will give me a chance to focus in on and delight on the girliness of this pregnancy, myself and my buddies. Thank you all for your support and patience. It is a huge help!


Jamie said...

Great post, I love reliving pregnancy thru others eyes! Looking forward to seeing you!

DebB said...

I am sure she is becoming less and less comfortable also. Remember to talk to her, in words and with your spirit, reassuring her that all will be well, encouraging her to be strong and not afraid. I believe that children in the womb are in very close contact with our spirits and emotions. She knows Brent's hand and Brendan's happy voice and your heart beat, most of all.


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