Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr. Apt. - No News

Umm, so I promised a post about today's Doctor's apt, but there is not much of anything to say. Just the normal -weight, blood pressure, tummy measuring, baby's heart rate check things. No checking on progress or anything like that. Everything they did check was fine. I will go back next Monday. Very VERY slim possibility she 'might' induce me on Monday if I'd made a lot of progress on my own as it is her last on-call day before she goes on vacation the following week (yes, the week of my due date). Assuming not, then no induction until sometime in August when she returns. She likes to put them on her on-call days so I might not have much say in what day it is... assuming it comes to that option.

In short, nothing concrete. All the symptoms I've been mentioning are continuing to be considered "practice" or "preparation." Mostly, I continue to have a lot of back pain and to get way too hot and am resorting to a cold bath most days. I'll be 38 weeks on Wednesday. This "could" go as long as 41 or so weeks depending on when her on-call day is, but admit that I, like most ladies I know at this point, harbor a secret hope that now that we're at full term maybe it could be a bit sooner? I'll try to be patient and will keep you updated. If you'd like to be on our list of folks getting an e-mail when the baby is born let us know (I suspect most if not all of you are already). Who knows, I may even announce on Twitter too if you're following along there. (My user ID is, of course, abbeyviolet. I will warn you in advance I almost never post anything. Brent uses it even less, if that's possible and his ID is crafty_barnardo).

And finally, for those following along in my attempt to reorganize my photo organization system --- with alot of help from Tracie and Sarah all the photos are now properly stored either in binders with sleaves or in the photo categorization system. One more goal accomplished pre-baby! Also means that if anyone wants to come look at picks they are now easily accessible. We welcome visitors as always -- if you can brave the heat!


Erin said...

Thought about asking what your twitter id was, but best educated guess worked out. :) Consider yourself followed...and I can't wait to see the new little girl!!! Sorry you haven't made more progress toward delivery despite your discomfort. I hope you don't have to be induced. Maybe your body will start things on its own this weekend!

DebB said...

They are saying that we might have some thunderstorms this week-end, which always helps you go into labor, as does walking around a lot. Glad everything checked out okay. Love you.

Gina said...

It might be best she didn't check you yesterday...I went to the dr. today and I'm not even dilated yet. Good news though, the head is down this time (not breech like Wyatt). I can empathize with you on being ready! Hopefully you have 2 weeks or less to go, hang in there!


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