Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourth of July Fun - Wrap Up

The Dotter family 4th activities are our big gathering for the year. The mix changes each year, but it is always a great adventure. This year all the Shurtz girls were there as well as Erica's husband and their four kids. All told there were 4 of 5 children (my mom's generation) plus their spouses/significant others, 8 grandchildern (Plus all 4 spouses/sig others), and 5 great grandchildren. Attendees arrived from: Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado, California and Utah.

The fun began on Thursday with Audra and Zach's arrival and continued through the Isom's departure on Tuesday. We joined in for Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening while spending several hours on Saturday playing in the pool at the Rouse family gathering as well. Sadly, I have no pics from the Rouse poolside fun as I was in the water most of the time, but it was a lovely refreshing way to start our fourth of July.

While each Dotter year is different some things stay the same and are the basics that create a homey familiarity regardless of who attends: Paddle boat rides, lounging on floaties by the lake, kids fishing off the dock, LOTS of food, time at my grandparents house and now routinely at my parents' farm. We spend a lot of time chatting, chasing kids, catching up and taking pictures together. We also spend a fare amount of time cooking together. I personally really enjoy this time with my mom/sis/cousins. If you can imagine my cousin michelle scrambled four dozen eggs for brunch one day --- -and it wasn't enough!!

This year to add to our normal fun, we made return to watching the fireworks "in town" after years of doing them at the lake. It was pretty neat and I think enjoyed by all. We also spent a full day at the farm on Sunday which is a relatively recen phenomenon since my parents built their new house a few years ago. They have this incredible porch and coupled with some delightfully cooler weather (read 80s) was perfect for people to gather and kids to play. The farm adds lots of other fun treats like chasing chickens, riding tractors, swings, egg hunts, kite day (didn't quite work) and fishing in ponds -- they caught several little fish to my great surprise.

B had a great time and found a lovely little playmate in my cousin Erica's daughter Sophie. Sophie is four, but just B's size and they found all sorts of fun things to do from fencing with water noodles to riding his tricyle together and making sand castles. I can remember similar fun with my cousins at 4th of July celebrations when I was little so it was very special to see the next generation enjoying as well.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th and thanks to all of our family that helped make it such a wonderful weekend for us. We love you!

Thank you all

Ps. Dr. Apt this morning so I'll let you know how that goes.

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DebB said...

Lovely, my dear. I love the way families grow, new faces, new names, new lives to share and join with our own. Thanks for sharing.


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