Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family "Sprinkle"

(NOTE: This was scheduled to post June 28th - no clue why it apparently didn't so I'm re-posting and hoping it works this time....)

Saturday the 20th, was my family baby shower (aka "Sprinkle). Jamie, Audra, and Janna hosted it for me at a private room at Deep Fork Grill in OKC. It was just incredible. I believe this is the 8th shower that has been held for me overall in my life (3 wedding, 4 baby prior to this over 2 pregnancies). I am continually amazed at how different they each are and so very special in their own ways. This was, I think, the smallest and the only one to be just the women of our families. In all, I think there were about 10 of us.

We had a private room upstairs with both a lounge and eating area. They decorated with gorgeous roses in all sorts of pink hues and a gorgeous table runner to match. Janna brought some decadent cupcakes and we enjoyed appetizers and drinks from the restaurant downstairs graciously served by Matthew our faithful attendant.

The setting and food was lovely, but what made it truly special was the people. Brent and I have been together about 10.5 years now and in that time these lovely women from both our families have gotten to know each other and be comfortable together which is so neat to me. We laughed, told stories, commiserated and just enjoyed being together.

Moreover, the crafts and activities focused on the strong bond of the women in our families. We had journaling cards with prompts that encouraged everyone to write down family memories and often more specifically memories of the women in our families. I've just started reading through them and know already they are sweet tidbits I, and bitty will cherrish. Each goes in a sleeve in her just started baby book with more to come before her arrival.

The craft project is a family tree of sorts. You can see the first stages here, but it is in progress. It is a branch with leaves for most of the women in our families (not all women of all generations, but the current close ones). There are butterflies punched out to represent those we've lost (mostly our grandmothers and great-grandmothers). These are intersperes with flowers to make it look like a cherry blossom branch that will match both the mural and the yet to be completed mobile of a similar style. Around the branch will be pictures of the women that attended as well as Brent and I's grandmothers. All of this is in a pretty shadow box to hang in her room. Many of the women on the tree she won't know, but I think it is so neat to have a reminder of them in her space. Better still it is strength for me to know they are all surrounding me and helping me on my path as well.

Of course, we also opened fun presents and enjoyed the silly fun of girly things. She even got a tiara from Grammy!! There was a special blanket from Aunt Audra, lots of gorgeous clothes, a hand decorated onesie from Aunt Jamie and much more. So much glorious adorable pink! Many things came with stories and I think it was pretty fun for everyone to have a girl day. The Dotter's and Rouse's are loosely matriarchial (which is kind of odd as the grandfathers in most are amazing, strong, brillant men) and I think we ladies often get caught up in our running the family role, but for this afternoon it was just laughing, talking fun with no one worrying about cooking, cleaning or organizing us really. So cool! In any case, it was a special day and I want to thank all of them for sharing/creating it for us. I love you all and it meant so much to me to share that time with you. Thanks for all your love and support and for welcoming this new little lady securely into the arms of our family.

Post Script -- Granddaddy also got to share in some of the above and experience what I think was his first baby shower as he got back early from shopping. Hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!

P.P.S. - Today is my 9th and possibly final shower ever (I'm dubious about showers for baby 3?) It is with and hosted by my girlfriends and I am so excited! I'll update you on that fun later in the week


jcarr said...

It was such a fun and special shower. I am glad you enjoyed it, too!

Jamie said...

I agree! Of all the wedding and baby showers I have been to, I have to say this was one I will remember the most! How special it was for the women in our family to share together!


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