Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pregnancy Journaling: 37 Weeks

Oddly, I have so much to say that I've been struggling with where to start. I think we'll try some bullets and see how it goes from there...

Current food likes - increased interest in Chex Mix (not really surprising) also loving Rice Krispie treats and apparently cookies as we've made them two days in a row--- at B's request, but still.

Music - Really enjoying the Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast)sound track for some reason.

Books - actually have read several things for fun lately most recently - Mirror Mirror: A Novel (for book club) and The Snow Queen (Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 4) (as well as lots of toddler books, of course)

Name - not a lot of progress. Did ponder it with the Dotter clan this weekend, but no real news.

Nesting - Lots of nesting going on. As you'll see in an upcoming post we've pretty much finished with decorating the baby's room (actually had to undecorate a smidge). Have sorted all the clothes and hung them by size group in gift bags in the closet. I washed the small ones (you'll see why below). On Monday bought all sorts of random home organization things some to help transition the changing table out of B's room, others for other random areas around the house. Plenty of baking and scattered attempts at whacking through my to do list --- even priced and bought new car insurance (not sure that counts as nesting).

Exercise- am now down to about once a week. Brent went with me on Tuesday and that walk felt really nice. Wish I could swim more, but have scheduling issues. Am doing some occasional fun swimming with B at Great-Granddaddy's pool which feels fabulous.

Work - Still working - both jobs. Tummy is growing and is oddly interfering with lap desk/lap top situation... the things you never think about. Did get all my FMLA paperwork submitted.

Physically - lots of heartburn, ongoing back pain, and tendency to feel swelteringly hot... so just about normal.

36 week Dr. Apt - Last Monday was my 36 week appointment. Everything was declared just great. Baby is the right size, my weight gain for this period was back in reasonable range, blood pressure remains good so all is well. Disappointingly no dilation though and elected not to see me for two weeks. I (being negative) took this to mean there was no chance, in her opinion, of anything happening in that interval and was a little sad despite knowing nothing SHOULD happen until 38 weeks at least which is generally considered full term. Did my Strep B test, discussed breast-feeding issues from last time and was on my way. That was Monday.

Friday - So Friday we were at the farm and my body decided to do several kinds of "warm up exercises." This included ongoing contractions about 45 minutes or so appart over several hours. They tapered off and other than a sudden realization that it might not be August when the baby was born I felt OK (See washing clothes prep above). Drank lots of water, and continue to do so.

Saturday - scattered contractions, maybe braxton hicks? Plenty of back pain. Enjoyed Great-Granddaddy's pool. Start thinking maybe it will be July after all. Mixed feelings about idea of baby coming soon. On the one hand, would like to be at the end of this journey. On the other, want to make sure she has all the time to "cook" that she needs.

Sunday - not much in the way of contractions, but feeling a bit more pressure. Several people in my family told me I looked to be carrying differently even from the day before so began hypothesizing that the baby may have "dropped." Continually realize I never really went into labor normally last time so I have no clue what is going on, but think things like this could go on for weeks possibly... could be a long month.

Monday - More extended cramp like pain, some contractions here and there. Increased feeling of downward pressure against my pelvic bone-- generally uncomfortable. Did find that walking around helped generally... whole thing making me a bit nervous

Tuesday - mostly normal. Some discomfort, some little pains, some pressure. Walk at the gym probably helped. Begin to shift back to thinking maybe it will be August after all (negative) and the temperature outside begins to rise again.

Wednesday - even at the very latest in one month from today our little one will be here. Who knows when that may be, but preparing more each day for the possibilities....

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Summer said...

Wow, so you have made a TON of progress, both labor wise and just in general baby wise. I am very jealous, although this past week doesn't sound like much fun for you. I've come to the realization that I'm not quite ready yet if I were to go into labor, and that is a new feeling. For some reason I am more scared with this one than with K, just because I know the craziness that ensues and I really feel like i haven't gotten everything done that I need to. I'm especially jealous of your nesting streak, as I still have not really prepared clothes or anything for the new one. You are my inspiration - I will get it done this weekend! Hope your little one cooks a bit longer, but that you don't have all that pressure to deal with. Good luck!


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