Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Thursday: My Home Spa

When pregnant with B, I got lots of back rubs, feet rubs, etc. from Brent as we entered this last uncomfortable phase of the pregnancy. This time, B has joined in the fun. For pretty much his whole life he's been covered frequently with lotions and ointments due to the ongoing skin issues so he's a pretty big fan of lotion. Most days now one or the other puts lotion on my feet, legs or tummy for me. Brent is obviously much more the expert, but B sure is cute. B over does it a bit sometimes, but is nothing if not enthusiastic. Both of them are doing a great job making sure I get some rest here and there and am suitably pampered. Sometimes its just little things like filling up my never ending glasses of water, finding the phone, or letting me nap while they play. Nice to get some spa treatment at home from both my guys as I enter these last few weeks. Thank you boys. I love you!

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Chrissie said...

Awww that's so sweet! =)


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