Monday, July 6, 2009

Kite Festival

So much to say, so far behind that I'm not sure where to start. Suppose I'll start by not feeling behind as the point is to just share some of our stories with you. For today, how about a taste of the Kite Festival.

I think I mentioned previously that we might attend this oh so summery event. B and I made the trek with my mom early on Saturday, June 27th while Brent mowed the lawn. This particular weekend, of course, was still in the midst of the 100+ degree weather so it was definitely warm even at 10am. B and Grandma had super cool hats though and once we were all doused in sunscreen we were ready to join the fun. We loaded up and headed to Mitch park which conveniently also has a large playground. The festival had begun around 9 or so. This meant that many people were still setting up their kites and activities when we arrived. I think the coolest one we saw was this spiraling version pictured here. We started by enjoying the playground with Grandma and then wandered the pro kites for awhile.

By then, of course, we HAD to have our own kite and thus B had his very first kite flying experience. We bought him a very small frog kite (which Brent later tells me we probably didn't assemble correctly). Luckily, Oklahoma is generally very dependable for incredible wind and this day was no exception. B and Grandma got his kite up quickly and it danced all around. I think Grandma was more into kites than B as she continued on as we headed back to the playground. From this festival came the notion of kite day at the Dotter 4th. That did not work quite as well as I hear the wind did not cooperate (this is really hard to believe if you live in OK), but we did do a little kite flying before the Dotter festivities as well. B seems to enjoy it, but does have a rather limited attention span for this at the moment.

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