Friday, July 10, 2009

The Miracle of Flexible Jobs

I know I write about this periodically, but today was one of those days where our flexible jobs were just awesome. This morning seemed worth chronicling so we can remember this phase later.

Now that IRSP is over Brent has some flexibility too and it is lovely. Sure, my day started with e-mail and a wacky call about a vehicle lease for the AD, but meanwhile I did laundry, picked up a bit and Brent did dishes before he headed in to work. B chose to sleep in and managed to appear around 8:30. He had been up a little while as I could see his little fingers peaking out from under the door and various noises while I typed away in the office. Now that he carries "Green" (the Dino) as well as he blanket and cup out when he awakes opening the door can be tricky. I thought he needed help, but when I went over an inquired he told me to "go to the office" so I surmised he was fine. When he emerged, we did potty time, got dressed to the "big boy underwear" song Aunt Audra taught us and headed off to find breakfast. He had breakfast and watched some Wall-E on the Roku Digital Video Player (Brent's father's day present and the thing that finally has pushed us to cancel cable as we never watch it--- and is better than DVDs as no scratching -- our own copy of Wall-E is, I think, already ruined from loving it).

Anyway, while he ate and watched, I folded baby girl laundry, worked on thank you notes and began packing for the gym and picnic later. We require an insane amount of stuff I decided, but continued on. Next up was some "running around" with B, more potty time, changing clothes to a shirt he strangely preferred and is super cute. Then packed up to head to the gym by way of OSSM.

We picked up Brent and all went to the gym together for the second time this week. I biked and then swam (which felt wonderful, but I know I'll be sore). Brent lifted weights and B "played with kids." Once reunited we went to have a picnic at OSSM. It was pretty fun to just enjoy sandwiches together in the middle of a week day. We talked to some of Brent's colleagues, and pondered the decore (room in question has baby tees from all the colleges/universities OSSM graduates have attended as undergrads). B ran around some more and then we packed up to look for the OSSM dogs. (I've mentioned you can bring your dog to work there, right? So random...) Anyway, apparently the dogs had elected to stay home today so B and I headed home too while Brent went back to work.

At home, we played some hide and seek, crawled around in the closet, moved some more laundry around, more potty time and then time for B to nap and me to work. How lucky are we to get some family time in the middle of a work day and get to play while still having interesting challenging jobs? Today, life is sweet:)

Ps. Also cute was B seeing the baby stroller in the garage and after some discussion asking "When Baby sister be born?" I said I didn't know. He suggested next Friday... adorable.

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Chrissie said...

Too cute!!! I love the post! =) I'm so glad you get to have such happy days!


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