Friday, July 10, 2009

St. Elijah's Mother's Day Out

Believe it or not, we've completed our first month of Mother's Day Out (MDO) and I haven't even blogged about it yet. B is attending MDO at the nearby Greek Orthodox Church two days a week from 9:30-1:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays in the summer. The fall hours will be slightly longer. It makes for a very easy day for me as when he gets home he is pretty much ready for a nap and wakes up around when Brent returns now that Brent is back to a normal schedule (Hooray!) This allows me lots of time to work, rest and run errands without the complications of a small boy. I do miss him, but remain convinced this is a great setup for both of us.

It began, as all these things do, with a rough couple of weeks with teary drop offs. By the end of the third week (really only his 5th day as we missed one) good-bye went OK and he was very happy and enthusiastic when I picked him up -- complete with his art projects for the week. He has a small class with only four kids this session so plenty of personal attention. He seems to be enjoying it now. We mostly hear about the trucks, gym, playing with kids and are starting to hear more singing which may or may not be related, but is neat. He seems to doing some of the art projects now which big progress from the winter experience. He even made Brent a little father's day card and present his first week. Last week, he came home with a fourth of july hat and shaker thing that he used to parade down the hall as we left--- adorable.

It is a big relief for me that he seems to be happy and adjusting well. We've put him in so many varied care situations over the last two+ years it is nice to have some stability as the adjustment period each time is so painful for all of us. I love that his class size is small and that he is getting more interaction with kids. There is the added bonus of some exposure to bible stories, letters, numbers and songs, but none of these are pushed too hard with these little ones. They are also helping with potty training. We are asked to bring snacks a few times during the summer and we've done 2 of our 3 turns already to avoid baby arrival conflicts. Overall, it is a fun, warm atmosphere and one where I'll be comfortable returning for the next year or so I think until it is time to ponder pre-school......

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DebB said...

I started to stop in when I was going by yesterday, just to see what it looked like inside that huge and beautiful outside, but could get neither across traffic nor back on the other side owing to it being 5:00. Glad he likes it and it making friends.


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