Friday, July 24, 2009

This Week

We've had a remarkably busy and productive week, interspersed with lots of napping and resting. We have:

1) Had the roof inspected for storm damage - luckily, it is OK after the hail and very high winds we had last week.
2) I had my annual eye exam and have a new prescription and the realization that poor vision is pricey.
3) Graded all my group projects for Drexel and am just about done with my part of the course as I'll take the next month off starting the end of this week.
4) Continued working both my jobs with lots of craziness at GW, but my boss is now on vacation so things will be calmer.
5) Got new car tags and updated the pikepass account (are loving our pike pass).
6) Fixed a small portion of the fence (Brent and his parents did this one)
7) installed organizational things in the laundry room (all Brent).
8) Moved the changing table into baby girl's room (thanks Bill!)
9) Went to the park with Grandma as well as several trips to the Thomas table at B&N
10) Had my weekly Dr. Apt.
11) Trial run trip to the hospital preceded by snowcone treat! (Have I mentioned that B loves snowcones too?)
12) Got the final bits to finish my scrapbook space organizational system and did a few pages of scrapbook
13) Talked to several of my east coast buddies which was wonderful. Thanks so much girls!
14) Worked on the drainage issue in the front bed and tried to keep the lawn and plants alive in the heat (All Brent).
15) New experimental dinner dish - Tuna Pasta - made primarily with ABC pasta, tuna, and cheese. It was a easy, quick and a big hit with the two year old crowd.
16) First sweet corn of summer - delicious treat from my Mom
17) Strawberries and coolwhip for breakfast one morning - just because I can:) I also had chicken fried steak at a restaurant. It wasn't as good as ours, but was a fun end of pregnancy treat before I have to starting thinking about weight loss again.
18) Finally, many months later got a Blackberry from GW, just in time for maternity leave, but I'm not complaining.
19) New "quote" for the wall came in the mail, not quite installed, but hopefully today.
20) Made a second trip to the Zoo today so Brendan could ride the trains, which was alot of fun, although hot as expected. Thank goodness Grandma was here helping as otherwise, I'm pretty sure we would just have watched movies all morning and trains are much more fun.
21) 5/6 days this week with B in big boy underwear all wakings and no accident. That other day, ummm, big pee accident at Books a Million that I don't like to think about.... Otherwise- Awesome!
22) Re-discovering that I'm still a international relations nerd and love the mix with pop culture found here. courtesy of a GW prof.
23)Tried to relax.... still trying.

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Chrissie said...

Ok WOW, that is a long list of accomplishments!! Mine wouldn't be that long and I'm not nine months pregnant =) Way to go!


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