Monday, August 3, 2009

40 Weeks + 5 days

For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still pregnant and just a teeny bit cranky about it....Today, was our last OB appointment. No real progress since last week. We primarily talked about the upcoming induction. We are due at the hospital Wednesday at 6am and will go from there. I'm hoping it goes well and will almost certainly go more quickly than my last induction as we're skipping the whole "slow" Cervadil phase and going right to the Pitocin and breaking water options. I think we even have a plan for B for the day. That is one more lovely thing about being induced --the whole getting to have a plan part. Pitocin is, admittedly, no fun, but I am very eager to meet our little one and move on to the next phase.

Meanwhile, I've done some really fun things this week that I probably could not have done if the baby had already come. We spent Thursday and Friday with my parents which we finished off with date night and a long walk along the canal downtown. B had a great time at the farm and came back full of energy and stores. Then, I got to spend Saturday afternoon chatting with Mary and trying out a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. I love that I'm getting to spend time with her and participate in the wedding planning experience. Sunday, I took a LONG nap and then we went swimming in Granddaddy's pool and hung out with Brent's family. The pool was lovely and the company great. We closed the day with a new pizza place in Edmond - Humble Pie- that was quite tasty.

Monday, was the official start of my maternity leave. The Hoppers agreed to watch B for the afternoon which allowed me to go with Mary to her bridal portrait photo shoot at the State Capitol. She is just astonishingly gorgeous and I was so glad to get to be there with her and maybe help a little. The shoot had a... dramatic.. ending, but that is more her story to tell. In short, I've been trying to do all sorts of fun things with friends and family in this little "extra" time that has appeared. We'll let you know how the rest of the week progresses and hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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