Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Car Seat....

(I spent a fabulous last few days sharing in the joy of Mary and Andy's wedding and will write more when I get the pics upload, but for now, some Maggie news).

I've long thought that kids loved riding in the car. After all, some parents drive their kids around to put them to sleep when they are fighting it. B fell asleep in his seat alot as an infant and sometimes still does. I don't remember him ever fussing just because he was in his seat. I, apparently, just took this for granted and never really worried about it. Sure, I heard rumors of kids hating it. Our buddy Serenity even disliked hers intensely, but she was half the country away in those early days so I missed out on experiencing her unhappiness first hand. Chrissie tried to explain, but really until I experienced Maggie's loathing for the car seat I had no idea. I am so sorry Chrissie and of you in this boat.

Our story is that little Miss Maggie just does not car for riding in the car. She is somewhat inconsistent in this however which is a little blessing. Some days she is fine as we run around for errands. Other days, she literally starts screaming before we leave the neighborhood. Pretty much everything in Oklahoma is 20-30 minutes away it seems which is a lot of wrenching cries to endure. Our recent trip back from the farm (1.25 hours normally) required multiple stops as Uncle Able and I tried to calm her down and not lose our minds. She was immediately fine as soon as we got out of the car. It is so sad and painful to listen to her escalating wailing as she cries and not be able to help. Interestingly, she was perfectly fine the whole way to the farm. I think she slept the whole way. Brent did discover something wonky with the way her straps were installed this afternoon so maybe that will help.

Brent suggested that we'll just have to stay home more til she works this out. I don't think that will work either as then B and I will lose our sanity from that. Here's hoping it grows on her because it is just such a sad story she has to tell. Any tips would be appreciated.

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Jamie said...

John did not LOVE the car either (still doesn't), but he too is inconsistent. Somedays he is fine, others, not so much.

I found that putting on some music that toddlers are singing is a sur fix for us (has been for awhile, I wished I would have tried it earlier). There is something about the kids voices that is pleasing for them (no matter how annoying to you!)


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