Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yes, We're OK

Sorry for the silence here. We went to the farm for the weekend and then our internet gave up upon our return on Monday. Can you imagine me, without internet for nearly two days! Yes, craziness ensued as did getting to know my blackberry a little better. We are gradually resurfacing and will have tales to tell. The very brief bits for today:

1) Maggie is three weeks old! In super bonus news, she only wakes up once in the night now which rocks!

2) Today marks the beginning of the next phase of maternity leave as it is just me and the kids now with all our delightful help headed home (sad face) but it is going pretty well today (said very cautiously).

3) Bethany is home on bed rest so that situation is hopefully righting itself.

4) Mary and Andy are getting married on Saturday so wedding festivities begin soon! In good news, the dress I purchased way back in February fits. In less optimistic news, just realized I may not own any shoes that fit....

5) We got a new dishwasher thanks to prodding from my sibs. This is big news as it has only been a year of griping about it to get to this point. Now we have a spiffy Bosch which is oh so quiet!

6) Finishing up my course for Drexel - has been very tough between kids, needing to sleep, wanting to hang out with family and the loss of the internet, but hopefully only about a week or so left and my only responsibility is grading final exams and maybe a few late papers.

OK, so we'll get you some pictures and fun stuff soon and in the meantime you can check out the goings on on Picasa. (You'll probably have to scroll to the bottom to see the newest pics). Hope you all are having a great week!

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jcarr said...

I am so sad I have not gotten to meet Miss Maggie yet! Our weekends have been so crazy and then Kaedyn and I got sinus infections. Anyway, please know I have been thinking about all of you and can't wait to meet the newest member of the family! I will see YOU this weekend I believe!:)


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