Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One of Those Days

In fairness, I probably should have made time to post yesterday when B was having a good fun day. However, Miss M was not so always had my hands too full to do so. B and Uncle Able had tons of fun out in the world and here at home. Miss M--- declined to sleep on her own and was pretty fussy. Uncle Able and B worked on headstands, exploring the grocery store and pizza consumption. Much hilarity ensued and I think B had a great day save for one potty training accident while waiting in line to use the bathroom at the pizza place. Miss M got way too hot in the car riding to the airport (keep repeating... it is August, do not need fleece...). Anyway, B was happy and got lots of attention and we worked things out with Maggie. Able took the first shift last night so we got some extra sleep as well.

Today, Maggie has done well. Eats on schedule, sleeps, is snuggly cute and easy to please. Currently, sleeping on her own in her bed:) B, meanwhile, is not having a good day. He started off fine watching cars with Uncle Able and willingly heading out to coffee, the post office and the park.... All went well in the first two stops. The post office person even commented that she is the best little boy she sees in there (she seems to know us, but I don't think I'm there that much...hmmm... maybe I am?). Anyway, Maggie was tired of the car so we looked for a closer park than my original destination. The GPS led us to something that very much wasn't a park... at least not the kind with grass and such. So we caved and went to a park I know of and like, but that doesn't have bathrooms. This is worrisome as it was about that time of day and with a couple accidents of late I was not confident he would/could hold it.

Shortly after arriving, I asked if he needed to go. He said no. Uncle Able asked and no again. Then he waltzes up, clearly having had a little accident. There is really nowhere private to change him (car is full of carseats and no shelters around). Able and I stand next to him to strip him down and re-cloth him in some semblance of privacy. Yeah... so he bolts to go "pee in the grass." This is something we let him do in the backyard, but I found it horrifying in public. We seemed mostly alone before, but then suddenly there were two OKC parks people, a lady and her workout coach, and another mom with an older kid. Was appalled, but nothing to be done about it. We re-clothed him and he and Able left as I pondered my identity crisis --- from DC lawyer full-time to mostly naked kid peeing in public...... wow... Decided to try to embrace it as I snuggled my little daughter close with her bottle to keep the blowing wind out of her ears, knowing that most days are better than that moment.

Able and B check out the rocks, throw some in the water, play in puddles, etc while I feed M. B comes back insistent that I enjoy the rocks too. I am delighted-- mostly that he is having a good time and that he wants me to go too. Able takes over Maggie duty. When B and I get to the rocks and attempt to climb down to the water he needs to go pee again. I agree and we start to climb back up, but he falls and has an accident in the process. Then the fight ensues. I insist we must go home as now he is covered in urine with no more back up clothes. I have to carry him kicking, screaming and eventually hitting across this huge expanse of grass with about 4 sets of moms and kids that have arrived for a picnic since the first incident looking on. Able looks on helplessly as well holding Maggie on the otherside of the grassy expanse (which seemed not so big and rather lovely to tromp through on our way out...). I hand my soggy child to Able to wrestle into the car while I pack up all our things, gather shoes, snap M in her seat, etc.... Able tries to calm B down and we all feel pretty icky.

We get home and struggles continue. I think by the time naptime started B and I were back in good graces, but no idea how that would have worked had it just been me today. I guess we would have had a different plan as I wouldn't have taken a newborn out on the rocks. I'm glad B got to have a play day, but so wish it wouldn't have ended in me hossing my nearly 40lb son to the car in a rage. I'm worried that we may be backsliding on potty training as I anticipated. Probably too soon to say, but I trust him less in that area than I did a week ago... So hard to be mom some days. Then, I see his sweet shining little boy face when he puts on that winsome smile and melt. Hopefully this afternoon will be more peaceful and we'll find a peaceful balance in coming weeks.

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Sending you all hugs and kisses!


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