Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Week Apt.

Wednesday was Maggie's two week check-up. Everything is progressing well according to her Doctor. She is up to 10lb 12 oz (99%), around 21 inches (77%), and her head remains around the 90th percentile. We don't go back until two months unless we have problems or questions in the meantime.

Generally, she is now eating about every 3-4 hours and sleeping better. She still prefers to sleep on people, but does about 1/2 her sleeping in her crib or cradle. She is awake more of the time and it is fun to watcher look around and discover her world. B is still very interested in her and "checks on her" pretty often. He keeps us updated on what she is doing while we're in the car and still likes to help with bottles. He holds her for a little bit every day although he isn't that comfortable with it and we help him do it gently and safely. I'm amazed how much she has changed in two weeks and am sure it is only the tip of what is to come. Believe it or not, the first batch of newborn size clothes went back in a bag this week, mostly unworn. Started on 3-6 month size clothes. They are sometimes a little big, but probably preferable to too tight. Most of her newborn things still fit, but was an interesting milestone for week 2. I'm interested to see what comes next!

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