Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Story: It Begins & An Early Start

It has been nearly a week since the story of Maggie's arrival began and time now to write it before it fades. I can't really promise it will be short as I'm not so good at short and so much want to remember later. It will come in little chunks as time allows.

It begins:
To me, our story begins on Tuesday, August 4th. By this point, we know it will be our last day as a family of three. Brent is off work to share it with us. We take the day to do simple things we enjoy and a few last errands. We sleep in and have a lazy start to the day. We get ready slowly and take a leisurely trip to the bookstore for "coffee" and trains. This is one of B's favorite group activities and we just take our time and don't rush it. We play as long as he wants and just enjoy. I find myself savoring this simple moment as my little one does dances on the reading stage. Our next stop was back-to-school shoes for Brent (yes at all ages this is part of the ritual it seems). B begins to lose patience so we head home and just chill.

Simple little things. A long nap, free internet time, legos, scrapbooking, a last trip to Target. Just us. When B wakes up we pack him for his trip to Granddaddy and Grammy's house with one last explanation of what is going on and a lot of hugs. We have dinner and playtime there with him and for nearly the only time ever he cries and hugs me just a bit as we say it is time to leave-- so sweet and hard knowing what is to come for both of us. Ultimately he takes his bath and is fine with us leaving as he watches some movies with Granddaddy.

Brent and I head off alone and stop for a final snow cone treat for me. The first place is awful and Brent without any discussion so sweetly stops at another so I can have my treat. At home, we should sleep, of course, as we have an early start, but find ourselves taking time for just a few more moments of things we enjoy. I finish up the last layout I had been working on and Brent finishes some Star Wars legos for his shelves. My mom arrives and seems surprised to see us up and busy, but I think gets it. We all go to sleep ready for an early start in the morning.

Early Morning start:
We woke up around 5am, ate, did some final packing and were in the car by 5:40 or so. We arrived at OU Women and Children's pavilion and took in a minimal amount of things and, at least on my part, plenty of nerves. It is sort of weird to know that everything is about to change and that you are about to be in serious pain with an exceptional reward. Of course, checking in didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd like and it was about an hour and some crankiness before I was in a bed. The night nurse started the IV fluid and monitors for the baby and me. Then, it was time for nursing shift switch and nearly time for the real fun to begin.....

To Be Continued....

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Erin said...

I'm so glad you're posting this story, Abbey. I can't wait to hear the rest!!


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