Monday, August 10, 2009


My computer is being stubborn (probably feeling neglected) and refuses to recognize my SD card so no pictures for today. I'm relatively sure I only have maybe 15 minutes or less before Maggie wakes up so here is the quick update. I promise more details of the speedy delivery and life as a family of four to come as time allows.

Today was Maggie's first Doctor's appointment. She handled it like a trooper and B enjoyed introducing her to his Doctor. She, amazingly, actually weighs just the same as before and is the 90+ percentile in everything. We really thought with a girl the baby would be smaller, but suppose that extra week gave her time to gain a bit more. We go back again next week for her two week appointment, but so far all is well.

I feel like overall things are going a lot better this time around and wonder why I lost my mind with one. In reflecting I think it was probably the very long hospitalization/delivery experience which started us in a not so good place followed by our serious breastfeeding struggles and crazy attempts to make that work. This time, we were back from the hospital in less than 36 hours (barely had a baby at that point last time) and are being much MUCH calmer about the breastfeeding issue. Brent and I united in our belief that we are doing the best we can for our whole family this time and if that means a very short stint at breastfeeding and preserving all our sanity then so be it. (Going to try and spare you my soapbox on this issue and just move on...)

Of course, none of this means that this is easy. I still cry more days than not as the hormones run haywire. B is more emotional and less compliant than usual. Brent got very VERY little sleep last night as we work out the kinks in our night shift system (I got probably 7+ hours if you can imagine--not contiguous, but still). I physically am in much better shape pain/activity wise than this time with B. I am, of course, in pain and tired most of the time, but overall feel acceptable. Much of the times things are very good with all four of us. B is fascinated by Maggie and holds her a little every day. He helps with bottles, finds blankets and other helpful things. Tells us what is going on when they ride together in the back of the car. He has theories on why she is crying and is the first to run in and "check on her" when she starts to cry. That said, he cries more too and has some struggles, but overall is not directing that unhappiness towards Maggie which is good.

So how IS Maggie you ask? She is doing well I think. She has/had some initial confusion about night and day. She would sleep most of the day waking briefly to eat at maybe 4 hour intervals and then be up most of the time during the night with short 30-45 min sleeping breaks. She also almost never opened her eyes during the first 2-3 days. Both of these issues are beginning to shift. She now is awake with her eyes open a bit more during the day. Usually for awhile in the morning and again in late afternoon with small bits in between. She still very much prefers to sleep on people versus in a bed if at all possible. Generally, we get at most 30-45 minutes sleeping anywhere, but on a person. Last night, however, she surprised us with 2.5 hours in a bed on her own so perhaps progress is being made. When sleeping on her own she is very noisy, but we're adapting (or is it re-adapting?) She will sleep maybe three hours or so on a person in the night if we are feeling less pushy about the sleeping in a bed issue.

She also eats ALOT. Aunt Audra thinks we may be overfeeding her and we are giving her more formula in those feedings than the pediatrician listed as normal. We'll watch it and try to make sure she is getting soothing other ways than feeding. She loves to be wrapped up in blankets and thankfully we have a fabulous collection at our disposal. Thus far, the blanket from Mary and the one from Aunt Audra are our very favorites as they are so incredibly snuggly and a good size, but we use many each day and are loving having so many beautiful choices to snuggle her into.

With all that sleep and snuggling in mind it is probably time for me to join the kids in their nap. Hopefully we'll have pics and a birth story for you in coming days. Thanks again for all your kindness and support - particular thanks to our parents, the Whites and the Hoppers for the food. Both sets of parents have helped bunches with the kiddos. Mine even stayed up into the night so Brent and I could get some uninterrupted sleep. We'll be back with more news soon!

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Chrissie said...

Love the update!!! I'm glad everything is going well!!! Your Mom said she reminded her of you as a baby =)


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