Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Want to build a tower?

This last week B has become much more interested in blocks of all sizes. We've always played with them periodically, but not it is becoming a daily fixture. We use wooden blocks as well as a variety of different sizes of Legos (not comingled thus far). I love it when he builds a tower "for me" as you'll see in the one he is offering the camera here. Part of the fun, of course, is "crashing" them. My Dad also got in on the Tower fun over the weekend. He doesn't seem to appreciate the crashing part quite as much, but did try to expand B's tower building ideas as far as how the basic structure could work.
Ps. The Eye is looking better:)

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Erin said...

I saw this post come up on my google reader, and in the first picture B was playing with the same legos that Timothy was playing with at that moment! :) The set we have came with a car base, and he loves making his towers on top of that. He gets rather angry when they crash, or when his brother wants in on the lego action.
We tried having the legos and mega blocks out at the same time, but Timothy got very frustrated when they wouldn't all fit together to make a tower...have you run into that problem?
I'm glad B's eye is better. Hopefully it was just a little irritation and nothing that will return again.


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