Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love Thursday: Baby Magic

Since last Thursday's post on the wonders of infants I've been paying attention to live with baby Maggie to see if I missed anything. I think overall I caught the normal things in our day, but discovered one big blessing of new babies--- their impact on the world around them.

Babies have this magical power to make the world around them a happier place. Janna noted this week that her pregnancy makes the women around her happy with shared memories and the promise of new life. I loved her post and thought she did a great job capturing some of the special moments of pregnancy.

New babies have a similar and perhaps even broader impact. The picture here was taken within moments of our arrival at the Richards/Rouse belated Labor Day party last weekend. All the people there when we arrived flocked immediately to Maggie. They smiled, they laughed, they shared memories of their own kids and wondered about her growth. They came from many generations, male and female all touched by their family's new little one.

It was amazing and so touching, but far from isolated. Random people stop me to ask to peek into my sling to see her sweet face. People smile, compliment, ask questions and offer help. Our days are full of little gestures and big smiles from people we know and people we've never met. On a personal level, this is wonderful as we try to handle all the challenges that come with a new baby, but I think maybe it is bigger than us. The magic of babies is in their individual sweetness, but more than that they bring a sense of promise of new life, beauty, renewal and innocence. All of this is needed in a world that is sometimes scary and hard. I feel truly blessed to bring this little bit of joy into people's day and thank Maggie and all the other little ones for sharing their magic with us.

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Summer said...

Again with the crying! Bravo on another wonderful post.


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