Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ka-Chow, Ka-Pow

(Apologies for earlier grumbling and back to sunnier topics).

Last week Aunt Audra and Uncle Able were our visitors and helpers. Somehow in the midst of this B started everyone on the phrase "Ka-Chow, Ka-Pow!" The Ka Chow part clearly comes from Lightning McQueen. I'm not sure where the second part came from or why they are joined. It is, nonetheless, an expression of great enthusiasm or congratulations. He had actually started using it the week before in what is Brent's favorite of late which was "Makin' Couscous with Mama - Ka-Chow!" The re-telling of this story led to B picking it up again and pretty soon we were all saying it all the time. There has been much less of it this week, but then again less awesome things have been going on. It is so fun and now slips effortlessly into our conversations. Kids are cool - Ka-Chow, Ka Pow!

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