Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maggie's 1st Game-Day

Perhaps we don't want to remember this, I'm not sure... In any case, September 5th both marked the end of Maggie's first month with us and the start of football season. Below are some pics from her first game day. As you can tell she pretty much slept through the entire game, which in retrospect was probably a good thing. You'll probably notice she is not in OU apparel. In our defense, we did buy her a shirt, but due to the sleeping didn't actually get it on her. We promise to do better:)

We watched the game at Brent's parent's house due to our lack of cable. I think it was a great solution as B got to play trains and cars most of time and could join us periodically. He has the making of a great Sooner fan as he periodically would fervently say "Dang it" and "Go Oklahoma!" Very cute stuff! I think it was a nice, quiet change comparatively for Brent's mom who got to kiddo watch and hang out with us during game time as Bill was in TX and probably a bit less calm than Brent and I.

Other Game Day Musings: I think that living away from OK for several years I forgot how big a deal it is and that it is an all day event. I noticed when heading to Target around 9am that EVERYONE had team clothes of some kind on (not all OU -- we saw OSU, OBU, & SMU among others). Brent had to remind me it is Game DAY, not just game time here. Hoping the season improves, but regardless we will be full of Sooner Spirit!

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