Friday, September 18, 2009

Reflections on a year of blogging

You know what I realized this week? It has been more than a year since I started this blog. My blogiversary (if there is such a thing) was 8/27/2009. For some reason, wasn't thinking too much about it at the time. It looks like I did about 250 posts the first year. There are some days with multiple posts, but it, surprisingly, averages out to about two out of three days. Don't think I would have guessed there would be so many, but it has been an amazing year. Skimming through the titles there is a lot of variety. Most remain about us and the kid (now kids) but plenty on other random things as well. I'm really glad to have captured some unique turning points from the early miscarriage post, that I'm so glad to have, to the bar exam /day care saga to later posts about the last day as a family of three to recounting Maggie's arrival. It has been a momentous year and thanks to the blog world I'll have more more detailed accounts for my memories and my children to look back on someday (wishful thinking?).

Thanks to those of you that check in and follow along with us on this journey. You're comments and feedback mean a lot to me. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing to myself, but having the support of others sharing with us really helps. With that in mind, I'd like to make the blog fun and enjoyable for you. What were some of your favorite posts? Are there topics you'd like to hear more or less about? What keeps you logging on to our story? I use this space for a lot of things myself, including scrapbook fodder, venting and memory keeping among others, but am interested in what you'd like to see here as well. Thanks again for all your comments and support in our first year in the blogosphere. Here's to many more!


Chrissie said...

I read absolutely everything you write and I love every minute of it!!! I check google reader daily just to see if there are new goodies for me =) Off the top of my head, I loved getting to hear about a detailed week in your life. I would love to see how it's changed with two children sometime in the next blog year =) Maybe not right now when things are so busy and new, but you know what I mean. And keep writing down those cute sayings of B's and Maggie's when they come, we all treasure those!

Heather said...

I've been reading ever since I figured out how to embed the blog feed into my iGoogle. I read it now every day along with the NY Times and CNN! I love following along with your life and hearing about what it's like to have a family. That's what keeps me coming back:
1) feeling close to you even though you live far away. You are so candid with your posts--it feels like they are written just for me! and
2) learning how someone I care about and trust handles those everyday challenges.
Sorry I don't have a blog of my own so that I can reciprocate!
Sending you lots of love!

Audra said...

I read your blog daily and check it throughout the day on my phone if I am away from my computer. I love to hear about my adorable niece and nephew, I can't get enough of those two, but I also enjoyimg your everyday stories. Even though I talk to you basically daily on the phone I love. Being able to check in on you guys when I can't call. Maybe I will start blogging when I have cute kids like you!

Jamie said...

I too read every blog, it is my way of sharing your daily lives as we do not live in the same city. I miss you guys and wish that we could have more day to day intereactions, but this is the next best thing!



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