Monday, September 7, 2009

Maggie's Baby Legs

Maggie is, as you know, adorably pudgy little lady. She has short little legs that make me think she may be short like me. Lately, the weather has occasionally turned cooler and I feel compelled to cover up those adorable little legs. However, we've discovered that our little summer baby doesn't really have much in the way of pants. Pants also complicate diaper changes which M already dislikes so aren't her most favored solution anyway. Enter BabyLegs Basics and

My friend Emily S. introduced me to months ago. Basically, they have a daily deal on something baby related. It varies widely and as the site has become more popular it routinely sells out, sometimes even before I get the e-mail.

Meanwhile, I'd seen BabyLegs on some other mom blogs and even some do it yourself projects for them. I was a bit skeptical. First, a bit too 80's, right? Secondly, they are a bit expensive and I was lacking the drive to make my own. That said, all the raves I was reading piqued my curiosity.

One day BabyLegs and BabySteals collided when BabyLegs were the deal of the day. I bought some at a big discount and convinced myself if we didn't like them we could always just give them as gifts. (I've instituted a gift closet for some deals like this to stash up for future occasions). I stashed them away and came upon them when we were sorting Maggie's stash of clothes before her arrival. Shortly after she arrived we had a cool day so I put a pair on with her onesie on the way out the door.

The verdict -- they are AWESOME! I love that they are easy to slip on, go with most everything, are warm, but not too warm and stay on through diaper changes so no tugging pants on and off! All these helpful features plus--- so cute! She wore some last week with her ballet slipper socks which took the whole thing to a new level. It may be trendy and even a little silly, but I love them. They also take a summer wardrobe into fall and winter which is very wallet friendly. I'll admit when another BabyLegs deal appeared on BabySteals last week I stocked up so those of you expecting babies... yeah, you might see some in your presents as well:) In short, this is my silly, fun baby find. So simple, but makes me happy.

Ps. Not sure if these would work for little boys...hmmm... a little dubious, but some claim otherwise).

P.p.s. - this posting is not sponsored, endorsed or in anyway connected to babylegs the company -- just brought to you by my own personal enjoyment of the product.


DebB said...

Ah, the disclaimer at the end...always thinking like the lawyer that you are. I love it!

Chrissie said...

You are so right, the slipper socks take it to the next level of cuteness!


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