Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What? Why? - OR - Our World of Interrogatories

B is deeply into questions these days. It is fascinating, cute, and occasionally frustrating. "Why" I is interesting and entertaining, usually. He wants to know how things work and the reason behind things---we assume. For me, there is a point past which I don't think he really can understand. I will eventually run out of answers. Brent, however, will take it all the way down the merry trail. The other day on our way home from Brent's parents B was asking about a variety of things. He tends to ask "Why" followed by the end of your last answer. This ultimately let to Brent explaining how gravity works, how the planet was formed, some basic physics, etc... I was nearly in hysterics at the humor of two year old lessons in planetary science, but good stuff.

"What", however, is a bit more problematic. I think he generally says this when he isn't listening or doesn't want to do what he is told to do. If he hadn't had an ear exam recently I'd think he couldn't hear --- Yes, he does say it that often. This leads to an annoyed Mama who has repeated herself 10 times.

Also, important to keep in mind these days. ---- He may not be able to articulate everything we can, however, he understands and is processing EVERYTHING you say. This has led to some self-censorship as some conversations we now need to have when he isn't around. We were very used to talking about him in front of him, but now that sometimes isn't appropriate. We learned this the hard way when some of the questions were about things we did not think he'd heard/understood and by being on the receiving end of some pouting when we said critical things about him. It is a wonderful wordy world here. It is the highlight of our day and sometimes our daily challenge as well.

(Love the nerdy pic I found? Thanks Uncle Zach for the Safety Glasses and Happy Birthday!)

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Jamie said...

I laughed out loud at this one! I remember when Bryce (Renae's oldest one) went through this. The only way she could stop the super long string of "whys" when she ran out of answers was to answer hs question with a question. It was pretty funny!


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