Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mary & Andy's Wedding!

I had such a wonderful time being part of Mary and Andy's wedding! The whole thing had an amazing vibe. It was an unusual experience for me as for the first time the only the wedding party were the bride, groom and the bride's parents. The result was getting to meet a lot of fascinating people and appreciate how loved and special this couple is.

Andy was reminiscing about how he first met Mary and it reminded me of our first meeting. Mary was my first college roommate and thus randomly assigned by OU. I, being the nascent internet stalker I am now, tracker her parents' numpeople I knew in ber down online to begin our conversation. I think they, and she were a little surprised, and actually I am too looking back at it as I was rarely so bold in those days, but it good to have talked a little. We met early as I was auditioning for marching band and gave her access to our room before move-in day. The thing I most clearly remember is my Grandma Dotter insisting on taking a picture and saying that we would be best friends for years to come. I was a bit dubious as I'd just met her, but do feel honored a dozen years later that she is among my best friends. (sniff, sniff---reminds me -- Mary and I are so very good at crying together, not sure why, but she is the best at bringing me to tears when we say goodbye. She and Brian had me in sobbing tears at the end of my wedding and I miss them both still).

Anyway, back to Mary's wedding- I joined the festivities for the bachelorette party on Thursday and the fun continued through a ladies tea, rehearsal, doing our hair, prepping for the wedding and then the main event. The highlights for me were getting to spend time with Mary and getting to know her other friends. She has surrounded herself with some amazing people. I am so happy for her and honored to be among them.

The wedding was really lovely. I thought it was wonderful that the minister took time to walk us through Mary & Andy's relationship with some fun personal stories they had shared with him. Both Mary & Andy seemed so happy and moved by the whole experience. I am delighted for them both and think they are a great match. I am excited to share in their future adventures and wish them every happiness. We love you!

(You can see more pictures from the Bridal Portraits and Wedding here. They are gorgeous!)

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