Thursday, September 10, 2009

MDO and More - Update

I discovered that I haven't updated you on B's Mother's Day Out situation. When last we left MDO, they let out for summer break. Inconveniently, this lasted pretty much the entire month of August. B's last day was August 5th and he returned on August 31. I was eagerly looking forward to the in part, because it would give me a break and the opportunity to do some errands with only Maggie. However, my primary hope was that it would be a return to something structured and predictable for B.

As you can probably guess, the latter didn't pan out. We went back the first day and discovered that he had a new classroom, a new teacher, and his little buddy Erin was in a different class this time. I was so sad. He did pretty well all things considered and was only a little red-eyed when I left him. He did have an accident though as of course he didn't want/know to go potty with the new teacher. (We have significant potty training regression anyway since M's arrival, but that's another story).

He has now been three times and it seems to be settling back in to a routine. I'm hoping that helps with our overall routine as well. I'm trying to get our days to be a little more structured and consistent, but that is, of course, tricky with an infant. We'll see how it goes, but the MDO situation should be stable through the end of the semester and I think that will help.

I also think he may be learning more there and elsewhere than we realize as I've been watching him play some games on PBS Play lately and he is remarkably better at them than I thought. They including counting, association/grouping like items, alphabet games and oddly a little reading game. The later is funny as B was doing really well at it and as you progress through the levels they go from having a picture with the word to just the word. Brent noticed this and said---"ummm, how is he doing this, he can't read, can he?" Maybe you had to be there, but it was classic. Perhaps it was a vague amazement that maybe, just maybe he could and I hadn't mentioned that???

No, he can't read, but I think in this case if you scroll over the word it will say it and he knew which one was appropriate for the context without actually having to read them. In any case, he's a smart little guy and we love him. I hope as things settle down more he will too.

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Jamie said...

I had to laugh at the reading question. I can hear and see Brent's expression and yours in turn! Love it!

Missing you guys!


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