Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday Journaling

Tuesday at a Glance: This was a bit more typical, if rainy, day.

M finally fell asleep for good around 10pm and only woke at 2:30 and 6:45 (which might actually be morning) and then slept again until 8:15. This new development is awesome. B woke up when Brent left around 7:45.

8-10am - Breakfast of various toast and PB combos + milk and banana. This time of day is usually heavy on chores. Today, included first load of laundry, starting dishwasher, starting dinner in the crockpot and general tidying as well as getting everyone into their "day time" clothes. During some of this B was watching Little Mermaid, and helping at other times. We also had Tower Building and our first round of books for the morning, but that might have been earlier.

10-11am: Reading Miss Spider's Tea Party prompted us to have our own Tea time - B and I made tea and had a cookie while Miss M enjoyed her swing. After M headed to a nap B and I played outside kicking balls and running around in the rain. I took lots of pictures of our normal setting.

11am-12pm: Computer time for B. He played with Tux Paint for about 25 minutes and PBS Kids PLAY most of the remainder. Baby M, had a bottle, lounged in her Boppy and snuggled with me as I checked in with my e-mail for the first time.

12-1pm: Lunch! B was very excited about the prospect of Tuna and crackers which of course must be enjoyed al fresco. We added in some baby carrots, milk and "round cheese" (aka Babybell). Then comes free time - this was mainly me doing the dishes and moving clothes to the dryer with M in the bjorn while B played by himself a little. Then, we swung and spun in circles, ran around to "tunes" and read a couple stories (Fairy Colors, Miss Spider's Tea Party , and Peek-A Who?, in preparation for naptime.

1-5ish Naptime: B had a hard time getting to sleep. An hour in, we had to talk about it and read another story (Mommy's Best Kisses). He tried again and I finally had success. This made nap time a it longer as he wasn't really sleeping for a long time. M had a hard time too. She had one quick nap, a bottle, some fussiness and then finally a bit better nap herself. During this time, I'm usually skimming twitter, google reader and FB off and on as I rock, sway and feed little ones. Often includes a quick chat with Brent, Gavin and sometimes others on Googlechat as well if I have a free hand.

5-8pm - A lot happens in this section. Brent got home and reported that he is much sicker (we all have colds with the possible exception of Maggie. Brent and B work on waking up, and put on warm clothes to toss the football around for awhile outside. M eats and hangs out with me. Then, it is time to finish up super while the boys watch a little more movie. We have dinner which includes a lot of convincing B to sit and eat, but we're making progress. Then on to lots of playing with M, bath time, more stories and putting the kids to bed.

8- Some internet time while me make sure they are really down then off to get some rest for our respective colds.

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