Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How is Mr. B?

We've been talking a lot about infants and Miss M of late so it feels like time for some general updates on B. He is now about 32+ months, but I think we're past counting in months so let's just call it 2 1/2. He is approximately 40lbs and 40inches (this is a car seat milestone if nothing else as one can transition to a booster). He is, at long last, wearing 3T pants. When we put him in his 2T pants on the first cool days it is clear he's had a growth spurt this summer. His arms have grown too as his old jackets are just too short in the sleeves.

Today, he got a new Oklahoma jacket and several pairs of proper pants so we're nearing all set on his fall clothes. We have trouble with pants though as he is a bit, ahem, thick in the middle versus how long his legs are so only some brands work properly. He has some adorable cargo pants that look just like Brent's and fit well too. He wears 4T shirts which are on the edge of big, but probably about right to last through winter.

Currently, he tries to pick out all his clothes each day. If given his choice, he would wear his Halloween shirt, Oklahoma hoodie, or his robot shirt every day. These things do have to be washed, however, so he has to be persuaded to wear something else which can be a bit of a struggle. He is very good at undressing himself, but doesn't seem too inclined to dress by himself. We've discovered, he "can" do most of it and are trying to encourage him to do it more himself.

Potty training--- hmm, don't really want to discuss this. He was in an awesome place pre-M, and not so much now. Seems we'll be re-learning again soon.

Food - is back to eating a lot most of the time after a summer of little food. He loves "circle cheese" (Babybell) and Laughing Cow if he can get them (who doesn't?) and is experimenting with frozen fruit as a frequent snack. Of course, his favorite snack is just dubbed "apricot" which is Apricot Archer's Farm Organic Fruit Strips from Target. They taste roughly like dehydrated jam. I try to console myself by remembering they are at least fruit and don't have High Fructose Corn Syrup so that's something...

Favorite Books: Loves books about outer space, particularly The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System and Mars Needs Moms. We are also reading Miss Spider's Tea Party a lot and the Bluebird's Nest book again as well as the occasional Dr. Seuss and Eric Carlye. I love that he will "read" books to us more these days. It is great!

Favorite Sayings: He knows fascinatingly random things he likes to tell me, like "Samuri Jack is pretend" just in case I didn't know and X movie isn't scary (which makes me wonder if it perhaps is.... When asked why something is (ex. why he can't/won't do X) he will say "Because the Sun is out." Should you protest that the sun isn't out, he may tell you it is just on the other side of the planet... Apparently, he's been listening to some of our answers to his many "Why" questions. He is also frequently asking/telling me to "remember" things. Of course, he's also informing us he wants to do many things himself.

Favorite Activities: As you can see from this week's journaling he likes to hit/kick/play with balls of all sizes, listen to books, dance to "tunes" (and sometimes sing along), watch movies, play on the computer, and cook with me. He claims to like crafts, but seems to see that as a school rather than home activity.

One of my favorite things are the fascinating conversations we can have now. Sometimes it resembles that old "who's on first" gag, but it is pretty amazing to see all the development between B's stage and M's. He is also becoming much more helpful with basic chores like clearing the table or taking things to the trash or sink. Now, almost all the time I just ask and he does it without protest. It is such a leap from a year ago in that sense. He even tells me when I'm making a mess, as clearly I should know better!

We're very lucky to have a sweet, happy loveable little guy. True, he definitely has his moody, bossy, tough moments, but I think it is getting more even and we're settling in to life as a really cool big bro.

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Audra said...

I adore this age it makes me sick that I don't get to spend more time with him but both Uncle Zach and I are greatly looking forward to your upcoming visit to the Lou. We have so many fun adventures planed I'm sure B will have a blast.


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